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Archives for January 2012

Eat Smart – Tuesday, February 21

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

By Barbara Kingsolver
With Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver

Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Ensospa: 320-587-7117

Free will offering accepted for “Heart of Hutch”

This is a story of how author Barbara Kingsolver and her family left the industrial food pipelines to live a rural life— deliberately eating food produced from the same place where they worked, went to school, loved their neighbors, drank the water, and breathed the air—vowing that, for one year, they would only buy food raised in their own neighborhood, grow it themselves, or learn to live without it. Part memoir, part journalistic investigation, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, is an enthralling narrative that will open your eyes in a hundred new ways to an old truth: You are what you eat.

Barbara Kingsolver’s twelve books of fiction and creative non-fiction include the novels The Poisonwood Bible and The Bean Trees.

Steven L Hopp teaches environmental studies at Emory & Henry College and conducts research in bioacoustics and the natural history of vireos.

Camille Kingsolver attends Duke University, where she studies biology, and anatomy, and teaches yoga.

Check your local library or favorite bookstore for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

“Zone In” to Another “Heart of Hutch” Challenge

Enzospa and Zella’s, supporters of “Heart of Hutch,” are co-sponsoring two more community book discussion followed by “eat smart” refreshments.

Sign up and bring a friend!

Cal Genesis Salon and Ensospa: 320-587-7117

In November we discussed Dan Buettner’s book The Blue Zones, which features communities where common elements of lifestyle, diet, and outlook have led to an amazing quantity—and quality— of life.

Buettner shares the secrets of people from four of the world’s Blue Zones –Italy, Japan, California, and Costa Rica. His extensive study uncovers how they manage to live longer and better-–not through pills, surgery, or medications but through the food they eat, the company they keep, and their perspectives on life. The Blue Zones combines the latest best scientific research on aging with inspiring examples of healthy, active, vibrant people. These easily followed lessons are no longer secrets of people a world away. They can become yours to follow!

Join us for sessions II and III!

Reading The Blue Zones is not a prerequisite.

Connect Wholeheartedly – Tuesday, January 24


Finding Happiness
The Blue Zones Way
By Dan Buettner

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Ensospa: 320-587-7117
Free will offering accepted for “Heart of Hutch”

WHAT MAKES US AUTHENTICALLY HAPPY? It’s not wealth, youth, beauty, or awards, says Dan Buettner. In fact, most of us already have the keys to happiness within our grasp. Circling the globe to study the world’s happiest populations, this noted writer and explorer discovers simple principles to unlock the doors to true contentment.

Buettner’s findings culminate in a powerful, practical plan to help each of us stack the deck to get more satisfaction out of our own lives. Learning the secrets of the world’s all-stars of joy can help us make the right choices to find more contentment and learn how to happily thrive—wherever we are.

“Dan Buettner elegantly shares insights in how to live a happy and fulfilling life that will ultimately create world well-being.”
-Deepak Chopra

Check your local library or favorite bookstore for Thrive: Finding Happiness The Blue Zones Way.