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Archives for February 2012

Hutchinson Triple Crow

To Potential Runners,

The Running club at 3M has decided to start a corporate challenge locally. The goal of this challenge is to stimulate health and wellness across the community in a fun and competitive way. Additionally, this would be accomplished through participating in local races that support the community. This event consists of 3 local races and named the Hutchinson Triple Crow Series.


Each company would sponsor a team(s) of 5 to 10 people. The top 5 finishers in each race would be used for scoring. To be eligible for prizes each team must have at least 5 team members finish each race. All team members are not required to run all 3 races. From the team roster of 10, the team can decide who will run each race.

The 3 races chosen to run are the Common Cup in May, the Water Carnival in June, and the Spooky Sprint in October. Each team member would be responsible to register and pay for each individual race. The Team entry fee for the Hutchinson Triple Crow would be a separate one time $50, unless sponsored through a Health & Wellness program at your company.

Each team participant would receive a goody bag to motivate and encourage healthy training practices. At the completion of the series, the winning team will receive a prize and hold the Hutchinson Triple Crow traveling trophy until the next year.

Team registrations are needed by April 30, 2012 and can be sent to Sandra Powell at 3M.


Download the Triple Crow Registration today!

Any other questions, contact Sandra Powell at 234-1196 or by email at