Our Clinics will be closed Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day. Urgent Care will be open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and the Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day.


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Archives for April 2012

April 30 Eat Committee Meeting and Schedules for Committee Meetings

Heart of Hutch activity is heating up with the weather. There are lots of opportunities to get involved! Here are meeting times and initiatives each group is working on. All are open to new members.

Eat Smart

Kickoff meeting: Monday, April 30

4:30 p.m. in Hutchinson Hospital Conference Room A (1095 Hwy 15 S)

Contact: Karen Gensmer (kmgensmer@yahoo.com)

  • Brainstorming session — Come join the discussion!
  • How can we promote smart eating in our schools, homes, restaurants?

Move Naturally

Meets 3rd Tuesday of even months

8 a.m. at Park & Rec office (900 Harrington Ave. SW)

Next Meeting: June 19th

Contact: Beth Dammann (badamman@mmm.com)

  • Triple Crow event – First event is the Common Cup 5K on May 12
  • Walking school bus
  • Mountain bike trail

Connect Wholeheartedly

Meets 3rd Monday of each month

7 a.m. at the Hutchinson Leader office (170 Shady Ridge Rd)

Next meeting: May 21st

Contact: Becky Felling (j.felling@mchsi.com)

  • Family dinners — Finding creative ways to encourage families to eat together
  • National Night Out — Working to promote neighborhood gatherings for Aug. 7 event