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Archives for December 2012

‘Tis the Season…for Cranberries

Cranberries are a very nutrient-heavy, healthy fruit.  Packed with Vitamin C and fiber, cranberries help boost your immune system and can help improve your cholesterol.  They are in season this time of year, which makes them a great choice for anything, from a holiday party to a brunch on a Saturday morning.  Here are a few of our favorite Cranberry recipes.

eat_smart_recipes_holiday season


Winteractive! Get Moving in McLeod County

Stay on track with your health goals and prevent winter blues by enjoying the outdoors year round.

 With a snow-packed ground for nearly 4 months every year, it is easy to feel stranded or let those ugly winter blues bring you down.  Even when there is snow on the ground and very cold, I now wait for the snow to fall, like a child waits for Christmas morning to come.

Here’s my TOP 5 winter outdoor activities in McLeod County:

1)       Cross country skiing.  McLeod Country has six excellent county parks, each with set trails.  Stahl’s Lake Park, just five miles north of Hutchinson will have 1.8 miles of groomed cross country trails once snow conditions are favorable.  And if you feel like venturing out of the county, I highly recommend any of the Three River’s Park District cross country ski parks.  The trails are groomed meticulously, and most of these parks have ski rentals as well!  Calories burned per hour: 781*.

2)      Snowshoeing.  This is a great activity for people of all ages!  Piepenburg Park has 3 miles of trails that is excellent to snowshoe on!  Don’t want to leave Hutch?  Grab your snow shoes and head to one of our many great parks!  The deeper the snow, the better the workout!  I promise you will be tired within an hour!  Calories burned per hour: 451*.

3)      A Holiday Walk.  Grab your family or friends and go for a walk in the evening before Christmas and look at all the beautiful lights.  You will be so distracted by the lights that you will forget that it is cold out!  Calories burned per hour of fast walking: 434*.

4)      Ice skating.  It’s not just for kids.  Grab your skates and head to one of Hutchinson’s outdoor rinks!  Northwoods Park (889 Elm St NE) is proud to host a rink, with open skate times from 3:00-8:00 Monday-Friday and 1:00-8:00 on Saturday and Sunday.  There is also a rink at Park Elementary (100 Glen St SW) thanks to the neighbors around the school who volunteer to make and upkeep the rink!  Water will be poured for the rinks once we get cold enough weather to keep the ice around.  You can always grab your skates and go on the local lakes as well – but please think safety and make sure the ice is very thick before anyone goes on it.  Calories burned per hour: 477*.

5)      Build a snowman, woman, fort, or anything else you can think of!  Get bundled up, and roll some snow!  You are certain to use some muscles you did not even realize you had.  Calories burned per hour: 285*.

The most important thing to remember is to dress appropriately for the weather.  Weather is not bad, but wearing poor clothing for the weather is.  Make sure to start with a base layer that will help wick away moisture from your skin.  Have enough layers, and make sure your head and hands are always covered.  Go!  Explore!  We live in a beautiful area, snow cover included!

In health, Betsy Czmowski, RN

*Calories estimated using a 155 pound individual via:  (2012).

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