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Archives for January 2013

Excellian Electronic Health Records

Hutchinson Health and your care providers are excited to announce the implementation of Excellian, an electronic health record system installed and supported by Allina Health.


As an independent health care organization, our ability to work with Allina Health on this endeavor is an added benefit. If you are referred to Allina Health for advanced care at, for example, Minneapolis Heart Institute (MHI), your MHI care provider will use and update your same medical record. This fully secure system will be in place early February. Soon after that patients will be able to view portions of their medical record online.

Benefits of Excellian

  • Shared patient information for your medical visits
  • Timely care provider access to medical information
  • Quicker access to test results
  • Automated safety checks, such as allergy checking, to prevent medical errors
  • Improved quality and safety of care
  • Decreased costs and errors

Hutchinson Community Running Group

The health benefits of running are numerous.  Running is a great way to increase physical strength, weight loss, heart health, prevent high blood pressure, reduce effects of diabetes, lessen effects of asthma, increase bone density and overall mental health.

 The other benefit of running: the only equipment you need is you!  And if you want company, join the Hutchinson Community Running Group.   Whether you are an avid runner or a recent beginner, you’ll find friendly faces with the same goal in mind – putting one foot in front of the other and focusing on health.

The group has been running together since 2012.  During winter months, they meet Monday evenings from 8-9pm indoors at Maplewood Academy.  The group will move back to outside runs, meeting at Library Square at 7pm starting mid March/early April.  There is no cost to attend.  

GET CONNECTED to  Hutchinson Community Running Group on Facebook for this weeks updates, routes and motivation to get moving!

Homemade ‘nutri-grain’ bars

Need a quick snack for yourself or your family?  This healthy snack idea yeilds 20 bars in no time!

Kick the Habit Where it Belongs…

This is the year!  Become a nonsmoker in 2013!  Hutchinson Health is offering Freedom from Smoking, a 7 week smoking cessation program.  The program will run on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 beginning February 19th, and ending April 2nd.  Registration is $75.  To learn more, or to register, call Betsy Czmowski at 484-4556.  This is your year.  The time is now!

What Business in Hutch is the Healthiest?

Heart of Hutch is bringing you worksite wellness challenges for 2013!  These challenges will enable you to work together as a worksite, to take on the other many businesses throughout Hutchinson.  Who has the most healthy staff in all of Hutchinson?  Compete to find out!  This first challenge, scheduled to kick off in March, will be a fruits and vegetable challenge.  How many fruits and vegetables do you eat?  Let’s find out!  If you want your business to compete in this fun challenge, complete the worksite wellness form under the Wellness tab.


Independent School District 423 is getting it done!  Starting this fall, a newly formed wellness committee made brainstorming a reality by approaching wellness from a holistic perspective.  The wellness committee, formed of teachers from all the schools as well as a few representatives from central office, hit the ground running.  Hutchinson School District now offers eight different physical activity classes for staff before and after school, with a Biggest Loser Contest and a strength and conditioning class just around the corner.  This wellness committee is quick to assure staff that physical activity is not the only important component of wellness. Additional classes offered for staff before and after school are: gardening, food for thought, and healthy lunches.  Finally, the wellness committee is committed to helping staff connect to one another through social activities.  Because of this, scrapbooking group will soon get underway!  Individual incite and knowledge on oneself is also important.  Starting the first week in February, every employee at the school district has the opportunity to have a FREE wellness screening done, onsite.  This helps employees know where their current health is truly at through: blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, waist circumference, blood glucose and cholesterol testing, and a health risk assessment.  And the work of the wellness committee has not been in vain.  Wellness committee members have heard positive feedback from staff.  Further proof of the success of this new program is the extremely high turnout of staff participating on the many different events being offered.  Way to go school district!  Healthy, happy teachers leads to healthy, happy students!  From one parent to the next, we thank you!

Kick on Those Snowshoes and Hit the Winter Terrain!

Snowshoeing is an excellent winter outdoor activity!  With relatively little (or no) experience and little expense, you can be snowshoeing before you know it!   Snowshoes come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you will want to have a pair that works for you.  Traditional snowshoes are made of wood.  Modern snoeshoes are constructed of aluminum.  Whether wooden or aluminum, the most common style is the modified bearpaw.  The modified bearpaw works great for people who are interested in going for a hike in the woods and doing some light commuting trips.  The length of the snowshoe is determined by the individual’s height- the taller you are, the longer your snowshoes will be.

Snowshoeing is a great activity for different fitness levels.  It can be as easy or as challenging as you want.  Busting trail, or forming trail on freshly fallen snow can be quiet difficult, while walking on hard packed snow can be quiet easy.  You may also use snowshoe polls, which will give your arms a workout too.  Hiking up and down hills will also provide a greater workout than snowshoeing on a flat surface.

If you have never tried snowshoeing in the past, I encourage you to give it a try!  Many different Minnesota State Parks rent snowshoes for $6 a day- and multiple parks within 60 minutes of Hutchinson!  For a list of these parks and the various snowshoeing classes and activities they offer, check out: www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/snowshoeing.html.

Our local county parks are an excellent spot to grab your shoes and go as well!  Please be kind and  stay off any groomed ski trails.

Please join us for our next local hike!  Check out the calender of events on the main page to find out more!

The Weight is Over!

 It’s that time of year!  We are all setting out to make New Year’s Resolutions.  And as many of us know, weight loss tends to rank pretty high on New Year’s Resolutions.  Let’s set our focus on improving our overall nutrition and portion control.  Let’s make lifestyle changes so that this year becomes different from all the rest-we’ll lose the weight, and keep it off!  Sustainability is key. Here’s some tips to get to you on your way:

Moustaches aren’t just for Movember

We are flooded with information about prostate cancer.  Different sport teams wear ribbons to draw attention, and of course, there is Movember.  But this year, let’s do more than raise awareness.  With a few lifestyle changes, we can help prevent prostate cancer.  Here are some simple dietary changes that can add years to your life and mine:

1)      Increase Omega 3 fatty acid (like what is found in fish).

2)      Eating less meat- dare I say, becoming a vegetarian, or have set aside days each week where you only eat a vegetarian diet.

3)      Eating a low fat diet.

4)      Decreasing alcohol consumption.

Prevention is extremely important, but as we are diagnosed with prostate cancer more than any other cancer, early detection is also essential.  We all need to make a commitment that starting at the age of 40, we will have a yearly prostate exam completed by our physicians.  A blood work test (PSA) can also help determine potential prostate cancer. Catching cancer as early as possible can potentially save lives.

Let’s take back our health! 


Jackie found her freedom

After 4 failed attempts throughout the years, Jackie Rosenow quit smoking on 11/27/12 and has not looked back since.  She broke the habit after 43 years as a smoker!  What an excellent lifestyle change!  Clearly Jackie has made a huge step in improving her health.  When asked about how her life has changed, Jackie said: “I have a lot more time now, which I spend with family and friends!” 

Interested in quitting smoking?  Jackie completed a 7 week program through the American Lung Association- Freedom from Smoking.  When asked about the program, Jackie said that she would recommend it to anyone who wants to quit smoking.  The course is offered through Hutch Health.  Find your freedom.  For more information, contact Betsy Czmowski at: 320-484-4556 or eczmowski@HutchHealth.com.