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Archives for March 2013

Mission to Mongolia: Helping to heal broken hearts

Stethoscopes in hand, Dr. Dean Nissen and Dr. Tim Remple travelled 6,000 miles to the Altai Mountains of Mongolia to screen youngsters with heart defects.

Dr. Nissen, working with “For Hearts and Souls,” helped identify children to receive life-saving operations.

Hutchinson Health surgical nurse Jean Elliott, Carol Nissen, Tim Sanken, Beth Kasal, Bryce Remple, Cole Myers, Zach Hartnady, Naomi Polzin and Jacob Sanken also participated in the mission.

Sage and Honey Cornbread

With the weather still on the cool side, this recipe will warm you right up!

How Green is Your Thumb?

In just a few short weeks, you may start seeing a lot of fluorescent lights shining from basements around our community.  Why?  Many gardeners and farmers like to give their plants a jump start. B ecause Minnesota springs tend to be cold and unpredictable, many people begin growing their plants in their basements in early spring, using florescent lights as a heat and light source.

Ridgewater College: A College Committed to Wellness

Ridgewater College’s dedication to the wellness of their employees deserves recognition! Ridgewater has always had an environment that fostered health and wellness. This past year, however, the college decided to ramp up their wellness efforts- hoping this would foster an even healthier work atmosphere.  President Allen put Beth Hepola in charge of the wellness project. Beth has taken this project and ran with it. She began by offering monthly “lunch ‘n learn” health-related topics for all staff. She has also spent time formulating a wellness committee- with representatives from both colleges.

The college has taken this renewed energy to expand their health fair. The Ridgewater health fair, which is open for all community members, will be on March 26th, from 10-1. Naomi Youngren, chair of the health fair, revitalized the fair by adding multiple guest speakers on a variety of topics in addition to the many different health-related booths.  These topics include, but are not limited to: 9 Minute Workout, Relaxation Techniques, Portion Control, and Super, Simple and Healthy Good Eats. Again, the health fair is FREE and open to the public.  We hope to see you there!

What can your worksite learn from Ridgewater?  First, creating an environment that breathes wellness takes time and patience.  It also takes both a top-down approach and a ground level energy.  President Allen has been very involved in creating a healthy environment for all staff.  Beth Hepola and the rest of the the wellness committee are wellness champions, encouraging their coworkers to participate in a variety of health related activities.


Do Athletes Need Sport Drinks?

Gatorade, Powerade, MiO -you have heard of them- and probably drank them.  Did you know that very few people actually need the supplementation that sports drinks provide? 

Walking School Buses

One of Hutch’s Three walking school buses last October.

We have all heard the stories about our grandparents walking to school, in -20 degree weather and with snow up to their knees.  Although the truth of these stories may have been stretched, the message behind the stories has not.  For the first time in history, our youth are projected to pass away before their parents.  This is scary.  Let’s change it.  One difference in our youth compared to any other generation is the lack of physical activity.  Heart of hutch wants to help create sustainable, healthy lifestyles  in people of all ages throughout our community.

One of the most important initiatives we feel we can implement in the community is to increase the number of our youth who walk and/or bike to school.  When youth walk or bike as a means of transportation, they increase their physical activity as well as develop habits and patterns that will stick with them through adulthood.

This past fall Heart of Hutch celebrated National Walk/Bike to School Day with the students at Park Elementary.  Heart of Hutch led three “walking school buses”.  A walking school bus is an adult led group of students who walk to and from school.  Walking school buses were first created to help decreases safety concerns.  These walking buses help create safety in numbers.  It is also an excellent chance for youth to connect to one another and make new friends.

Heart of Hutch believes that creating sustainable change involves fostering an environment that will encourage habit-forming behavior.  This spring, Heart of Hutch will have a series of walk/bike to and from school events at Park Elementary.  We will begin on May 8th, as it is National Bike to School Day.  The three walking/biking routes that were used this past fall will once again be used to will allow students to walk or bike with chaperone supervision to and from school for the last four Wednesdays in May.  More information will be sent out to parents prior to the events.  As walking and biking grows in popularity, our youth become more active.  Soon the number of youth walking or biking to the pool, baseball practice, or their friend’s home increases.

Do you agree with our mission?  We want your help.  We are currently looking for volunteers to walk or bike with the walking routes for the days: May 8, May 15, May 22, and May 29th.  We need volunteers in the morning from 8:00-8:35 and in the afternoon from 3:15-3:50.  What a great way to volunteer and gain some physical activity as well!  Please email info@heartofhutch.com  if you are interested in volunteering.

As we look forward to Fall 2013, Heart of Hutch wants to have three sustainable Walking School Buses to and from Park Elementary on a regular basis.