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Archives for December 2013

Perfect Winter Weather

If you love the winter, this is the year for you!  We already have a great base of snow and the weather seems to be cooperating for it to stick around.  Minnesota offers plenty of activities for every season with winter as no exception.  Heart of Hutch is bringing you a few local opportunities to try your hand at something new and to meet people doing activities you already love!

Last winter, we offered several different snowshoeing events.  These casual events offered community members an opportunity to connect and get active.  We’ll be hosting another event on January 15th from 7:30-9pm for a full moon snowshoe hike .  And believe it or not, snowshoes aren’t event required!  If the snow is plentiful, snowshoes make it easier to hike, but if you don’t have a pair, you can plan to follow the folks who do.  A good pair of snowboots and warm gear is all you need to take a leisurely stroll under the winter moon with us.

snow shoe hike

photo courtesy of Roman Bloemke from a 2013 event.


Heart of Hutch will once again be a sponsor to McLeod for Tomorrow’s WINTERFEST event!  This event, held right at the fairgrounds in Hutchinson, offers winter fun activities for the whole family.  Experience dogsledding, fat biking (bicycles built for the snow!), ice skating, sleigh rides and more.

Remember, having the right gear is 80% of the battle once the temps creep below freezing.  Be safe.  Be active.

Are you reading with us?

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One Book, One Community

Book Read LogoRegister as a participant for our community book read.

Note: being part of a book club is not required.


Why register?

Heart of Hutch and One Book, One Community partners would like to know how many people are engaging in this community book read.  Registered participants will also be provided with event updates and reminders, special topics related to the book, referral to book clubs and area resources as requested by participant, etc.  Registration is not required to participate in online discussions or events.

 Are you reading with us?


McLeod for Tomorrow’s 2nd annual Winterfest is in full swing!  Lots of added events this year that you won’t want to miss!  Bring you family and experience outdoor activities you haven’t tried before.  This free event is from 10-2pm at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, Feb 1st.


Surgeons Offer Quick Procedure for Varicose Veins and Chronic Venus Insufficiency

Dr. Christina Moses & Dr. Josh Knudtson

Dr. Christina Moses & Dr. Josh Knudtson

Surgeons Josh Knudtson, MD, and Christina Moses, M.D. offer an innovative procedure to eliminate varicose veins and Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Taking less than an hour, the procedure is performed in the office with minimal discomfort.

Leg pain disappears almost immediately, and legs look better within weeks. Not just a cosmetic concern, varicose vein treatment is considered a medical necessity as it may lead to more serious problems. The procedure is covered by Medicare and private health insurance.

What is Chronic Venous Insufficiency?
Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a progressive medical condition that worsens over time and affects the veins and vessels in the leg that carry oxygen-poor blood back toward the heart. Varicose veins, which are enlarged veins in the leg that appear like twisted, bulging cords, can progress to CVI if left untreated.

What are the Symptoms?
The seriousness of CVI, along with the complexities of treatment, increase as the disease progresses. That’s why it is very important to see your doctor if you have any of the symptoms of CVI. The problem will not go away if you wait, and the earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the better your chances of preventing serious complications.

Symptoms include:

  • Swelling in the lower legs and ankles, especially after extended periods of standing
  • Aching or tiredness in the legs
  • New varicose veins
  • Leathery-looking skin on the legs
  • Flaking or itching skin on the legs or feet
  • Stasis ulcers (or venous stasis ulcers)

The vein procedure allows for a quick, comfortable recovery and a return to everyday activities, while also improving the appearance of varicose veins.

To make an appointment, call 320-234-3290 or 800-944-2690.

A Positive Attitude Can Do Wonders

think, do, be positive

A positive attitude can make an amazing difference in your life. It can help you whether you own your own business, work as an employee, manage others within a business environment, or manage your household. You’ll enjoy your work more and achieve your goals more easily and faster.

To start enjoying the benefits of a positive attitude follow these 10 tips today. Enjoy!

2014! A Year for Clean Air?

Make 2014 the year…your year to kick the habit!  Become a nonsmoker in 2014!

Hutchinson Health is offering Freedom from Smoking, a 7 week smoking cessation program developed by the American Lung Association.

Freedom from Smoking:

  • Addresses the difficulties of quitting with a sensitive, supportive style.
  • Ranked most effective smoking cessation program in a study of 100 managed care organizations.
  • Generates higher quit rates compared to people who try to quit on their own.

We will meet weekly on Tuesdays from January 14 – February 25 from 6:00 -7:30 pm. There is one additional Session on Thursday February 13 from 6:00-7:30 pm. The fee for the program is $75.00.

 Freedom from Smoking Registration Form

For more information contact Michelle McGraw at: 484-4556 or


The 12 Ways to Holiday Health

Happy Holidays From the Heart of Hutch


We hope you enjoy this fun spin on the 12 Days of Christmas as much as we did.

Read on for more tips to keep your family safe and healthy over the holiday season:   Holiday Health and Safety Tips


Source: CDC Office of Womens Health (2012).

One Book, One Community

Find out more about One Book, One Community.

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