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Archives for November 2014

Hutchinson Health Earns ‘Top Performer’ Recognition from The Joint Commission

Joint Commission Award We are pleased to announce The Joint Commission has recognized Hutchinson Health as a 2013 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®. Hutchinson Health has been recognized for its excellence in accountability measure performance shown to improve care for certain conditions and is one of only 1,224 hospitals in the United States to achieve the distinction as a 2013 Top Performer.

keyHutchinson Health has been recognized for its achievement on the following accountability measures pneumonia and surgical care.

“At Hutchinson Health, we have made it a top priority to address patient safety and quality health care by improving upon our evidence-based care processes,” said Steve Mulder, MD, president and CEO, Hutchinson Health.

We are proud to be named a Top Performer and thank our entire hospital staff for its knowledge, teamwork and dedication to improve Hutchinson Health’s performance.

Read more information here about the Top Performer program, including eligibility criteria.

Put Life Back in Your Life

Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshop

Are you an adult with an ongoing health condition; or a caregiver for someone with an ongoing health condition?

You’ll get the support you need, find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health.

grandma cooking with grandchildIn just a few weeks, I got back to feeling better –
and back to being the kind of person I like to be.

The Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshop can help you take charge of your life if you have conditions such as:


Sign Up Today. Spaces Are Limited.

  • Join a 2 ½-hour Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshop, held each week for six weeks.
  • Learn from trained volunteer leaders with health conditions themselves.
  • Set your own goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve your health—and your life.

Pre-registration is required.

To register or get more information on a workshop in your area, please call: McLeod County Public Health at 320-864-3185.

Feel better. Be in control. Do the things you want to do.

Funding provided through the Central MN Council on Aging as part of a grant from the Administration on Aging. Licensing provided through the MN Department of Health.

Public Health Logo  Minnesota Department of Health Logo

Making It Through the Holidays

It’s that time of year again…

Most of us can probably share a story or two about how the stress of the holiday seasoimpacts us.  And maybe we can remember promising ourselves that “next year will be different!”, only to discover that things are not all that different and we once again have succumbed to holiday pressures.  All of this can cause feelings of discomfort, guilt, frustration, anger…well, you name it.

Making It Through the Holidays

Mental health professionals agree that the holiday season can be the most stressful time of year–money is tight; there never seems to be enough time; seeing relatives and friends can be stressful; expectations are not always met.

          To help you through difficult situations during this holiday season, consider the following tips from helping professionals: 

·         Financial Planning–Planning is the surest way to prevent overspending during the holiday. Work within a budget, don’t buy on impulse, and price shop. Decide ahead of time how much money you will spend on gifts. Then list whom you plan to buy gifts for, what gifts you plan to buy and the estimated cost of each gift. The estimated cost of all gifts should equal your total gift budget. Just as important, stick to your gift list–buying gifts on impulse defeats the purpose of budgeting.  You can save time and money by price shopping, using store catalogs and a phone and/or the internet.  Always save your receipts in case the gift goes on sale or you need to return/exchange an item.

 ·         Time Management: Putting Yourself First–There is another kind of holiday stress that results from not having enough time to do the things you want or feel you need to do. Take care of yourself first and give yourself permission to say “no” if you are overcommitted. Taking care of yourself means sticking to your exercise program, watching your diet, getting your regular amount of sleep, and doing things that you enjoy which help you to relax. Do not overcommit yourself or try to do more than you actually can accomplish. If you feel stressed, take time out for yourself.

·         Entertaining Friends and Relative–Meeting with friends and relatives can be stressful. Doing everything in one month can leave you feeling exhausted. If you are giving a party, plan well in advance, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if the task seems overwhelming. If you get too busy, remember that there will be time to entertain friends after the holidays.

·         Setting Realistic Expectations–Expectations of the holidays are often based on memories and childhood experiences. Enjoy the holidays as a time to share and be with loved ones. Set realistic expectations based on your relationships of today.  Try creating some new traditions.  Let people know what your needs are.  Think less about how the holidays “ought to be” and more about what you “want them to be”.   Take some time to think about what really gives you pleasure this time of year.

          Additionally, if you’ve had a major life change such as a divorce, diagnosed illness, or the death of a loved one within the previous year, you may very well find the holidays to be particularly stressful. To help you cope better with these or other stresses of the holiday season, check with your employer to see if they offer an Employee Assistance Program or reach out to a professional in your area.

Have a Safe, Blessed & Joyful Holiday Season!


contributed by Dennis Schrader, LICSW, Hutchinson Health

New Tastes are Easy to Find


Heart of Hutch is moving Food Tastings inside this fall and winter into Cash Wise.  Find us in the produce section from 10-12pm with new recipes and samples that make eating healthy and buying local the easy choice.

To volunteer for this event or others, email

See dates below or visit our calendar.

Food Tasting

Book Trailer: Ordinary Grace

Connect with us through 2015’s One Book, One Community program.