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Archives for February 2015

Healthy Living: Winter 2015


healthy living NewsletterBirthCare Center

The Hutchinson Health BirthCare Center provides you with the best and safest care throughout each phase of your pregnancy and hospital stay.

Sarah Skoog with Baby William

Sarah Skoog with her newborn son William.

We know that a warm, family-centered environment will help assure a positive and memorable experience with one of life’s most important milestones. The BirthCare Center is committed to providing moms and babies with specialized care from a team of delivering family physicians, OB/GYN physicians and nurses. Whether you’re a first time mom or growing your family with each new addition, you will receive the nurturing care you and your baby deserve.

Sarah and Jon Skoog recently welcomed their first child, William, and are ready to share about their experience at our BirthCare Center:

I can’t speak highly enough about the OB staff at Hutchinson Health and the care they provide. From my initial prenatal visits, to our stay in the hospital, and the follow up care afterwards, everyone did what they could to try and make me as comfortable as possible.


Beautiful Facility

Moms and families enjoy a rich experience in large, private suites featuring modern amenities. Our birthing suites cater to your comfort and are filled with little touches to make you feel at home. Designed to nurture and comfort, our birthing suites offer luxurious therapeutic hot tubs, aromatherapy and massage, room-service style dining, complimentary Internet access, and sleeper sofas for family members.

Dr. Emily Zoulek, OB/GYN knows there is something truly special about our BirthCare Center:

I think our nursing staff is what makes our BirthCare Center shine. Their compassion and expertise are far above any other hospital I have worked at previously. I think a lot of moms are so happy with their experience here because they really connect with their nurses and physicians.

Sarah Skoog echoes Dr. Zoulek’s sentiments, “The nurses, well they were nothing short of amazing! They were very calming and hands-on with helping us learn how to best care for our son after he was born. Dr. Zoulek is fabulous. She was very supportive and patient throughout the entire process. I also appreciated Dr. Dean Nissen taking time to check in and chat with us every day after checking on our son.”

With You Every Step of the Way

Hutchinson Health is committed to advancing health with our community and offering choices in patient care. When it comes to OB care, we have a variety of family physicians and OB GYNs, so mothers are able to choose the provider who is right for them and feel confident in their decision.

Hutchinson Health BirthCare Center features a seamless chart system that allows you to see your physician for pre-pregnancy consultation at the clinic and have your chart follow you through each phase of your pregnancy.


Have you been at Hutchinson Health when a soothing lullaby gently plays over our PA system?

Each time this happens, one of our physicians have delivered another baby. Somewhere in the privacy of the BirthCare Center, a new baby is receiving his or her first check-up from an attentive team of physicians and nurses. In the hours that follow, mother and baby will experience the sensitivity and dedication to their needs by our highly trained staff. It’s what makes our BirthCare Center a comfortable and memorable experience.

Welcoming a New Obstetrics Doctor

Dr. Darryl Johnson, DO joined the Hutchinson Health team in early January 2015.

Dr. Johnson specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN). Having worked as a solo practitioner for the past twenty-three years in Bettendorf, IA, he brings a passion for delivering babies.

In addition to caring for women during pregnancy and delivering babies, Dr. Johnson specializes in all aspects of women’s health and related surgical procedures.

Dr. Johnson and his wife recently moved into their new home near downtown Hutchinson, where he’s already enjoying the welcoming community and short commute to work. When not seeing patients, Dr. Johnson is an ardent reader and avid marathon runner.

I’m glad to be a part of Hutchinson Health, where I can enjoy a close, smaller community and do what I love most about being a physician; delivering babies.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Johnson to Hutchinson Health. We’re excited to add his experience to our nurturing birthing care team and growing BirthCare Center.

Advanced Varicose Vein Treatment

Helping you get relief from leg cramps, bulging veins, aching, swelling, or fatigue.

Dr. Moses and Dr. KnudtsonFor the past three years, patients have been able to receive a new vein therapy at the Hutchinson Health Clinic. Dr. Josh Knudtson and Dr. Christina Moses have been treating patients with an advanced treatment for varicose veins. People with varicose veins and leg pain often report symptoms of leg cramps, bulging veins, aching, swelling, or fatigue, and Dr. Knudtson and Dr. Moses want them to know they have options for immediately treating the condition and relieving symptoms. Dr. Moses explains:

Patients can expect very little discomfort with this procedure and can plan to return to normal activity immediately after.

vericose veinsCalled Radio Frequency Ablation, this minimally invasive procedure permanently treats varicose veins, is relatively quick, and carries very little discomfort for patients. To offer a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, patients are seen in the Hutchinson Clinic. The procedure takes approximately one hour per vein, and patients are able to return home immediately and resume normal activity.

Anyone with varicose veins or experiencing any of the symptoms described above should contact their physician who can refer you for vein therapy, where a determination will be made if you are a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Knudtson and Dr. Moses are familiar with the qualification process needed to have this procedure covered by most health insurance companies.

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Hutchinson Health Auxiliary Donates over $1.9 Million Dollars

Hutchinson Health Auxiliary has been a huge contributor to the health of our community for decades.
The countless hours their volunteers work, helps them raise funds which help support some of the growing needs of our facility, Hutchinson Health. This year’s $50,000 donation will be earmarked for a heart rate monitor for Cardiac Rehab and a portable ultrasound machine for our BirthCare Center. This donation brings the total to over $1.9 million that has been donated to Hutchinson Health over the Auxiliary’s existance. Other items they have funded in past years include operating beds, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, and new ambulances. The Auxiliary supports the whole community through their organization.
The Auxiliary encourages you to support the Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, and downtown Thrift Shop. By patronizing these locations you help insure that monies can be raised and be kept local. The Auxiliary is always looking for additional members to help volunteer at their various volunteer areas. If you are interested in hearing about ways to volunteer please contact Anna Harvala at 320-484-4513 for information. Thank you for your past support and future business. We appreciate it!

Dawn Schultz, RN Receives Good Catch Award

Minnesota Hospital Association “Good Catch for Patient Safety Award” has been awarded to Dawn Schultz, RN from Hutchinson Health.

On October 9, 2014,  Dawn  was designated as the registered nurse to carry out a provider’s  order for a transfusion of platelets to an outpatient. Dawn  presented to Hutchinson Health’s hospital laboratory to obtain platelets. When she examined the bag, she noted it to have an unusual color and frothy appearance. The on-duty laboratorian confirmed Dawn’s observation. Dawn rejected the bag of platelets and worked with the laboratorian to contact the supplier.  The supplier advised  to return the platelets. In turn, they would send a new bag as soon as possible. Acknowledging the  delay in obtaining the new platelets from the source, Dawn transparently informed the patient of the situation, explained that her intent is to provide the safest possible level of care, and worked with the patient to reschedule the transfusion to the following day.

By standing firm and rejecting product that appeared abnormal, in spite of the potential patient
inconvenience, Dawn may have saved an adverse health event and related negative consequences to the  patient’s health.dawn3

Thank you Dawn we are so proud and grateful for your actions. You represent our commitment to patient safety, and model what we believe any of our staff would have done in a similar situation.


Making Life More Meaningful

Focusing on things outside of you and your day-to-day life can have a positive impact on your emotional and physical health.

Here’s the science (perhaps not a big surprise)…

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UCLA School of Medicine found that adults who derived happiness from practicing kindness to others were less prone to depression and had better immune systems that those who focused only on themselves. Helping others positively affects the body on the most basic cellular levels. And, according to life coach Emily Boorstein, focusing on being a better person means “you are committed to creating a positive impact on the world around you.”

If you want to be an agent of change, try any or all of the following:

1. Be outrageously generous.  This isn’t necessarily about money. “We’re talking about giving something you have to someone else because it matters more to them,” Boorstein says. Instead of letting one car squeak into your lane during a rush-hour bottleneck (when you’re feeling most impatient), let in two or three. Instead of jumping to conclusions—even when certain evidence seems obvious—give someone the benefit of the doubt.
If you feel like spending a little money, pay for the coffee of the person in back of you in line or leave an extra-generous tip for a restaurant server.

2. Write, rather than call.  Linda Carlson, 64, a marketing consultant in Seattle, WA, sends regular newsy notes and interesting articles to friends battling chronic illnesses. “Sick people often don’t want to talk on the phone,” she says. “The articles give the person not only something to look forward to, but also something to enjoy reading over and over.” The same holds true for a handwritten note or letter. In this age where practically everyone emails and texts, sending a handwritten, thoughtful letter through the mail is truly a gift.

3. Smile at people you otherwise would pass by.  Kirt Manecke, author of “Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service,” knew smiles were a great marketing tool, but he suddenly realized the power of smiling at people who are often invisible to anyone other than their family. On his way to visit his parents in a senior living residence, “I smile, make eye contact and say hello to every resident I pass,” he says. A friendly interaction can make all the difference in their day.

4. Be specific about your compliments.  It’s all too easy to speak one-size-fits-all compliments. Body language experts know that by complimenting people with details, you show you appreciate and have truly seen what makes the other person special. Details show that you’re really paying attention to the other person.

 Contributed by Dennis Schrader

~Excerpted from an article at


Partnering to Eat Smart

Heart of Hutch’s Eat Smart group is looking to expand initiatives and interest.  Eat Smart met at the McLeod County Food Shelf in January to meet staff, check out their space and explore how we can help improve food options for everyone in our area.

Eat Smart will have another special guest in February.  JOIN US at Dunn Bros on Monday February 16th at 4:30pm to learn more about Common Cup and explore how Heart of Hutch can partner with them for a healthier community.


Winterfest 2015

McLeod for Tomorrow’s 3rd Annual Winterfest was another big hit!  Barely enough snow for some of the events to last the whole day, we were thankful for the warm sunshine and great attendance!!  Heart of Hutch was there with snowshoes for all ages to try and fat bikes (courtesy of Outdoor Motion) for the bigger kids and adults.

The best part of this event is that it’s a FREE family event focused on being active outdoors during winter, or what we like to call it here in Minnesota, the other half of the year.  We say that with love!  Check out these pictures and videos from the event.  There’s not only #muchinhutch but many ways to enjoy #minnesnowta.  And mark this on your calendar for next year – Saturday February 6th.


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