Our Clinics will be closed Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day. Urgent Care will be open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and the Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day.


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Archives for June 2015

Most Local Docs Wary of Medical Pot

schruppIf you’re looking for a doctor to register you to receive marijuana for a health problem, get ready for a drive.

Hutchinson Health physicians are not participating in the state’s new medical cannabis registry, which will begin dispensing the drug in pill and liquid form on Wednesday.

Read the full article on the Hutchinson Leader website.


Fitness for Today

An Exercise Program Designed for YOU

fitness-programSupervised Fitness/Exercise Program
for people with risk factors like:

  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory Diseases (emphazema, asthma)
  • Weight loss
  • Other medical conditions

It is a program where individuals learn to self-manage their overall cardiovascular health and improve their overall fitness.

2015 4th of July Hours

The following non-patient care areas will be closed on both the 3rd and 4th of July:

  • Dassel Clinic
  • Ortho and Rehab Clinic
  • Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
  • Oncology Clinic

The main Hutchinson Health Clinic will be open Friday, July 3rd but closed Saturday, July 4th.

View our Normal Clinic Hours

Volunteer Matching Program

Hutchinson Health has expanded its mission of helping the community with a NEW program. Any of our employees who volunteer at least 25 hours to an eligible organization will have their efforts matched with a $200 contribution to that same cause, from Hutchinson Health. We are so pleased to help our community through this effort.

Volunteer Match Program

March of Dimes Recognizes Hutchinson Health


Definition of language used in this news release:

Early term birth:   37-38 completed weeks gestation;
Full-term birth:  refers to 39 to  41 weeks completed gestation;
Preterm or premature birth:  before 37 completed weeks gestation;
Hutchinson Health  is recognized for reducing the number of elective inductions and Cesarean deliveries performed before 39 completed weeks of pregnancy. March of Dimes says this will give more babies a healthy start in life. Babies delivered before full term are at increased risk of serious health problems and death in their first year of life.

“We’re proud of our expert team of physicians and nurses who saw this opportunity to improve care in our community and put in place policies to avoid scheduling elective inductions or caesarean deliveries before 39 weeks of pregnancy, except when medically necessary” said Steven Mulder, President and CEO.

march of dimes  2015This achievement is recognized through a banner from the March of Dimes and Minnesota Hospital Association.

Babies born just a few weeks early have higher rates of hospitalization and illness than full-term infants. Recent research by the March of Dimes, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that although the overall threat is small, the risk of death more than doubles for infants born at 37 weeks of pregnancy when compared to babies born at 40 weeks, for all races and ethnicities.

“The last weeks of pregnancy are important.  Babies aren’t just putting on weight.  They are undergoing important development of the brain, lungs and other vital organs. ” says Lawrence Massa, March of Dimes Board Member and Minnesota Hospital Association President  and CEO. “I commend Hutchinson Health for being a champion for babies with their quality improvement effort.”

A few of our physicians and Birthcare staff are pictured, but it is a team effort for all of our organization, to ensure babies complete their development process.

In partnership with the Minnesota Hospital Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the March of Dimes has been getting out the word that “Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait”.  The campaign urges women to wait for labor to begin on its own if their pregnancy is healthy, rather than scheduling delivery before 39 completed weeks of pregnancy.

In Minnesota, March of Dimes worked with the Minnesota Department of Human Services and hospitals to adopt policies against medically unnecessary deliveries before 39 weeks.  This change went into effect in January 2012. Minnesota Hospital Association numbers show the number of early elective deliveries has decreased by 92 percent.

The March of Dimes offers professional and consumer education materials about the importance of a full term pregnancy and the critical development of the brain, lungs and other organs that occur during the last weeks of pregnancy. More information is available at marchofdimes.com/39weeks.