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Archives for August 2015

Hutchinson Health Dassel Clinic Scores High

Minnesota Bridges to Excellence rewards Hutchinson Health Dassel Clinic for excellence in treatment of patients with vascular care.
Dassel, Minn. (August 25, 2015) – The Minnesota Health Action Group (The Action Group) announced that Hutchinson Health Dassel Clinic is among 437 Minnesota and border state clinics that were recently recognized for delivering optimal care and achieving optimal care measures or improving specific patient outcomes as part of the 2015 Minnesota Bridges to Excellence program and the Minnesota Quality Incentive Payment System, a State of Minnesota pay-for-performance program that is administered by The Action Group. A complete list of reward recipients can be found here.
Hutchinson Health Dassel Clinic was recognized for achieving the program’s specific clinical outcomes for patients with vascular disease; which is known to be a primary driver of health care costs. Meeting achievement goals is the highest level of recognition in the program.
“Celebrating Hutchinson Health Dassel Clinic’s accomplishment with patients that exhibit vascular conditions and improving the patient outcomes and the quality of their lives, is our overall mission,” said Dr. Steven Mulder, president and CEO.

“We congratulate the health care providers across Minnesota who make providing quality care a priority for their practice, especially for the critical conditions that we know have a significant impact on health care costs,” said Carolyn Pare, president and CEO, The Action Group. “More patients than ever before received care from clinics recognized by Minnesota Bridges to Excellence, and that’s something to celebrate.”
The Minnesota Bridges to Excellence program, which was established by the Minnesota Health Action Group in 2004, and the State’s Quality Incentive Payment System implemented in 2011, uses clinical data that is publicly reported to identify clinics that qualify for a reward for meeting or exceeding optimal care standards for a specified percentage of patients with diabetes, vascular disease and depression.
To be eligible for a reward, clinics must have a certain percentage of patients at optimal levels of care or significantly increase the number over the previous year. Performance goals are set each year by the Minnesota Health Action Group and the purchasers who fund the rewards. For diabetes, measurement components include levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, along with non-smoking status and daily aspirin use for all patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. Vascular disease measurements include blood pressure levels, along with non-smoking status, and daily aspirin for all patients. And the depression measurement is remission at six months based on the patient’s improvement in their PHQ-9 score over a six-month period of time. The PHQ-9 is an assessment questionnaire completed by patients and results in a numerical score that represents the patient’s level of depression.

Hutchinson Health is one of the largest independent health care providers in Minnesota. Services include primary and specialty care clinics, emergency services, and specialty programs. To learn more, go to

About the Minnesota Health Action Group
Formed in 1988 as the Buyers Health Care Action Group, the Minnesota Health Action Group is a coalition of public and private employers. Based in Bloomington, Minn., The Action Group is the only Minnesota organization whose sole purpose to represent the collective voice of those who pay the bill for health care—employers, public purchasers and individuals. The Action Group drives innovation, collaboration and engagement in ways that improve health care and ensures the economic vitality of all Minnesota communities. To learn more, Follow on Twitter: @actiongroupmn.

New Pediatrician Joins Hutchinson Health

tiffany trenda galleryHutchinson Health’s newest pediatrician, Dr. Tiffany Trenda, loves helping children get well and stay well.

She has generously shared her talents in many capacities, including serving as a volunteer pediatrician in medically underserved communities of Nicaragua and El Salvador. Her love of different cultures, especially Latin America, helps her relate to children and adults from all areas.

Dr. Trenda received her bachelor of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota, and earned a doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her pediatric residency was completed through Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling both within the United States and internationally, salsa dancing, reading, cooking, hiking, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr.Trenda specializes in caring for newborns through age 21. To make an appointment with her, call 320-234-3290.

Welcoming Dr. Trenda & Dr. Halbach

We are pleased to announce the recent addition of two health providers at Hutchinson Health; Dr. Tiffany Trenda and Dr. Zhi Halbach.

Dr. Trenda and Dr. Halbach

Dr. Trenda is Hutchinson Health’s new Pediatrician. She is a Minnesota native originally from the Rochester area and is moving back here from South Carolina after her residency. She loves traveling and enjoys learning about different cultures. She has a particular interest in Latin culture and appreciation of salsa dancing. Dr. Trenda loves spending time with family, hiking, fishing, and being active.

Dr. Halbach is Hutchinson Health’s new Family Medicine physician. She and her husband are moving back to the area from Pennsylvania where she completed her residency. She is originally from Chaska, MN. Dr. Halbach is passionate about women’s health, outpatient family medicine, and preventative healthcare. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, traveling, running, and being active.

Both providers are accepting new new patients and join our team of family medicine and pediatric providers who make a difference in the lives of everyone who looks to Hutchinson Health for exceptional healthcare.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Halbach and Dr. Trenda to Hutchinson Health!


Creating Stillness


Doing nothing can be a key to happiness…and productivity. Rarely do we just let ourselves stare into space these days. Most of us feel uncomfortable when we’re not doing something. We feel uncomfortable about “wasting time.” We have gotten really, really bad at just doing nothing. How long can you go without looking at your smartphone? Can you eat a meal in (comfortable) silence? How about taking a walk without earbuds or conversation?

In a series of studies where research subjects were put alone in a room, participants typically did not enjoy spending 6 to 15 minutes in a room by themselves with nothing to do but think. Rather, they preferred doing mundane external activities much more, and many (67 percent of men and 25 percent of women) even preferred to administer electric shocks to themselves instead of being left alone with their thoughts. Most people seem to prefer doing something rather than nothing, even if that something is negative.

Stillness -the ability to just sit and do nothing -is a skill, and as a culture we’re not practicing this skill much these days. When we can’t tolerate stillness, we feel uncomfortable when we have downtime, and so we cancel it out by seeking external stimulation, which is usually readily available in a purse or pocket. Give yourself permission to waste time and savor the moment.


Contributed by Dennis Schrader, LICSW, Hutchinson Health



Hutchinson Health Cancer Clinic Selling Bracelets

Hutchinson Health Cancer Clinic is selling rainbow bracelets to support cancer research; representing all forms of cancer. Hutchinson Health will be matching the proceeds of sales and donating them to the Randy Shaver Cancer Research Fund. $2

The bracelet sales are in support of the Hutchinson High School Football Team that is sponsoring the Tackle Cancer Event at their home game , Friday, August 28th, 2015.

All proceeds will be donated to the Randy Shaver Cancer Research Fund.  The Cancer Clinic will be selling the bracelets at the Cancer Clinic, 3 Century Ave, Hutchinson, MN.

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Parents can do a number of things to ensure a healthy future for their child.

One of the most important actions parents can take is to make sure their children are up to date on their vaccines. Following the recommended immunization schedule provides the best protection from serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.

Preteens and teens need Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine, quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine, and HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine to protect against serious diseases. A yearly flu vaccine is also recommended for all children 6 months and older. 

Preteens and teens need vaccines because they are at greater risk for certain diseases like meningitis, septicemia (blood infection), and the cancers caused by HPV infection. By making sure vaccines are up to date, parents can send their preteens and teens to middle school and high school – and also off to college – with protection from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Being vaccinated not only helps protect adolescents from getting certain diseases like the flu and whooping cough (pertussis), it also helps stop the spread of these diseases to others in their family, classroom and community.

This is especially important to help protect babies too young to be fully
vaccinated, people age 65 and older, and people with weakened immune
systems due to cancer, heart disease or other health conditions.



Hutchinson Health’s New MRI Machine is Better for Patients

Hutchinson Health’s radiology department recently began using a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine that offers several advantages for patients.

The Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner has a larger, more powerful magnet, and produces higher quality, higher resolution images. This technology gives Hutchinson Health’s doctors superior diagnostic confidence.

Comfort is another benefit of the new MAGNETOM Aera. An open bore design reduces the closed-in, claustrophobic feeling of traditional MRIs, and a shorter length allows patients to have their heads outside of the system for many exams. The open shape of the machine allows for scanning of patients up to 550 pounds.

In addition to being more comfortable, the MRI experience is also up to 70 percent quieter. Scanning is more efficient, which means the exam is generally faster and less stressful.

The scanner’s state-of-the-art software allows the MRI technician to reduce image error caused by breathing, motion, or metal in the patient’s body. A key feature of the software is improved multi-phase imaging, enabling providers to obtain more images in a shorter period of time.

“The bottom line is a quicker, more pleasant MRI exam for patients, yielding higher quality images for interpretation,” Dr. Robert Pollock said.

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning uses a strong magnet and radio waves to produce images of the body. The procedure is painless, and has no known side effects.

MRI exams can be be used to view internal organs, bones, joints, blood vessels, and many other parts of the body. Scanning time varies, depending on the area that is being studied.


Welcome New Provider Dr. Zhi Halbach

Zhi-Halbach-standingDr. Halbach joins our team of family medicine providers who make a difference in the lives of everyone who looks to Hutchinson Health for exceptional healthcare.

Zhi Halbach, DO is Hutchinson Health’s new Family Medicine physician. She and her husband are moving back to the area from Pennsylvania! She is originally from Chaska.

Dr. Halbach is passionate about women’s health, outpatient family medicine, and preventative healthcare. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, traveling, running, and being active.


Welcome Dr. Zhi Halbach, New Family Medicine Physician

Continuing our history of providing choices. Hutchinson Health would like to welcome Dr. Zhi Halbach, new Family Medicine physician to our staff. She has recently completed her residency in Pennsylvania and is originally from Chaska. She is excited to be back in the area. She has a special interest in women’s health, preventative care and office procedures.

“As a family medicine physician, I feel privileged to care for patients through every stage of their lives. I aim to be an advocate for both my patients and their families. The close bond we develop with our patients enables us to build a trust that is the foundation of a long lasting relationship. ”

zhi halbach hospital foyer casual