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Archives for September 2015

Open Streets

We ate.  We moved.  We connected.  We explored more in Hutchinson.

Thank you to all the volunteers, vendors and participants who made this first Open Streets event a huge success!  If you missed the event, here are some highlights and why everyone is saying there is #muchinHutch.

Hutchinson Health OB BirthCare Nurses and Staff are Exceptional

Hutchinson Health’s OB Nurses have over 200 years of combined experience between them! They are exceptional nurses who create a warm and caring atmosphere. Thank you to them all!!

Our providers and BirthCare nurses and staff are also  all Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certified. Delivering healthy babies is our goal but take comfort in knowing we are prepared should your infant need additional care and support.


Every Day Flu Clinics for your Convenience

Anytime Flu Shot Clinics! No appointment needed. Every Day Clinics for your convenience. Some tidbits about our vaccines:

All of our flu vaccines are single dose, preservative (thimerosal and mercury) free products. We have offered these preservative free products the past 8 years. Here are some facts about each of the different versions we are offering:
• Regular (Fluarix/Fluzone) vaccine is for ages 3 and over
• High dose vaccine will be offered for those age 65 and over
• Intranasal (FluMist) is indicated for ages 2-49, when
• An egg-free, antibiotic-free and preservative free product
(Flublok) will be available again this year for those
concerned with egg sensitivities or allergies.
• New for 2015 will be a limited supply of a needle-less
injection product (an air-push method of vaccinating – for
those who have fear of needles).
Getting vaccinated is your best protection against getting the Flu.


What is the Safest Sleep Position for Infants?

Hutchinson Health pediatricians recommend all infants follow the guidelines for a safe sleep environment. To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), that means placing baby on her back for sleep time. Dr. Leah Willson, one of Hutchinson Health’s pediatricians, has seen a dramatic drop in SIDS deaths since babies began sleeping on their backs. She says, “Nationwide, the incidence of SIDS has dropped over 50% by just by changing babies’ sleep position. It is important for a baby to have plenty of tummy time while awake, but for sleeping, the back should be the rule.” Anyone who cares for your baby needs to follow these recommendations—many SIDS deaths now happen when babies are cared for by grandparents or other caregivers who are not aware of the newer safe sleep guidelines.
Discuss any questions you have about your baby’s sleep position and sleep environment with your Hutchinson Health provider or our BirthCare staff.
For information about the Safe to Sleep campaign, which is celebrating a 20 year anniversary, go to

Safe Sleep for Your Baby Infographic

Safe Sleep for Your Baby Infographic