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Archives for August 2016

Lice Update from Dr. Tiffany Trenda

Dr. Tiffany Trenda, pediatrician at Hutchinson Health, discusses school lice for 2016.
“Unfortunately we have already started to see lice in Hutchinson this school year. The best treatment is prevention. Try to encourage your kids to not share brushes, hats, and to not play with each other’s hair, as the head louse is transferred through direct contact and they do not jump. If lice are seen, the current recommendations is to start with over the counter permethrin containing shampoo on day one of treatment. Use a fine tooth comb thoroughly through the hair every day for the next nine days and then retreat with permethrin shampoo. During this time all bedding and clothing will need to be washed and dried at a high temperature. Unfortunately, some lice are resistant to our normal treatments also known as Super-lice. The good news is that they don’t carry any other diseases so although they are more difficult to treat, there aren’t any more worrisome concerns. Therefore, If over the counter treatments fail then you should come in and be seen for further treatment recommendations.”

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Blood Drive a Huge Success

Hutchinson Health’s Blood Drive yesterday was a HUGE success. The goal was 25 units and 28 units were actually collected. Half the donors were Hutchinson Health employees!! Thank you to all who donated and tried to donate; due to space and American Red Cross staffing restraints, 15 people who walked in were turned away. Please pre-register if you are considering donating at a blood drive, so accommodations can be made.

Hutchinson Health Include Always Video

At Hutchinson Health “We Include Always.” Not only are we caring for others, we are caring for ourselves.

  • We are employees.
  • We are community.
  • We are patients.

Great video that depicts the roles we engage in, for the communities we serve.

Flu Vaccine Available Now

Hutchinson Health Clinic now offering flu vaccines for the 2016-2017 season.

According to Dr. Leah Willson, pediatrician at Hutchinson Health:

willson2014“We will only be offering the shot this year. The recommendation that FluMist not be given this year was made by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) after reviewing the data and studies from the US Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Network. The determination was made that for the 2016-2017 season, the injected vaccine will be significantly more protective against influenza. We do not know if FluMist will return in the future, but for now, all immunizations for influenza in the US will be the injectable (inactivated) vaccine.”

Call the clinic at 320-234-3290 for an appointment or walk-ins are also welcome.


Marissa Wojcik, PA-C speaks at Hutchinson Rotary Club

Occupational Health was the topic today at the Hutchinson Rotary Club meeting. Marissa Wojcik, PA-C heads up Hutchinson Health Clinic’s Occupational Health area. Marissa spoke to the club about what Occupational Health means. She focuses on the health and wellness of workers and their environment. Some aspects of Marissa’s job entail:
Pre-Employment Physicals
Maintenance screening/testing
Treatment of injuries
Spirometry (lung function testing)
Marissa’s role is to help the employee, and employer has active, safe, and healthy lives. If you are a business wondering about Occupational Health call 320-234-3290.


Check your handwashing at the McLeod County Fair

Handwashing is the best method to stopping the spread of germs. Our Junior Volunteers at the McLeod County Fair can show you, or your children, how good a job your doing. Visit our booth in the Commercial Building and perform the experiment with a fluorescent light. It will show you areas on your hands that may need more washing attention.

hand washing at fair

Fall Sports and Concussions

Fall sports are in full swing and concussions are always a concern for players, parents, coaches and our physicians. Watch our concussion video so you can be smart and keep your head in the game.

Meet us at the Market

28888990966_ea0090d313_kThe Power of Produce Kids Club has taken off!  We’re hearing great comments from parents and the number of kids are exceeding what we expected. 

Because of this, we need more financial support to keep this program going passed August.  As an individual or business sponsor, we appreciate your support.  Please contact for more information.

Hutchinson PoP LogoIf your kids have participated in the market, please take a minute to complete this survey.

Photos Courtesy of the Hutchinson Farmers’ Market.  Photographer Kristine Leuze.

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Stay Active – Day and Night

Soak up every last bit of perfect running weather in these two back to back weekends that will have you running all night and all day.


Ready. Set. Glow.  September 10th

McLeod for Tomorrow’s Glow Run promises to have event more glow than last year.  Kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult.


Luce Line Lace-Up September 17th

With a  1k, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, this event has a distance for everyone.  If you really want to get wild, register for the Triple Crow to run the 10k, then the 5k, then the 1k Dash. That’s right.  Almost 10 miles total for a collection of race shirts, bling, swag bag (duffle bag), finisher medals and (most importantly) bragging rights. Lace-Up and register here. This race benefits MEADA, Special Olympics, and Heart of Hutch (Thank you!).

And it’s not so coincidental that this event is happening during Arts and Craft Festival and Taste of Hutchinson.  When we say #MuchinHutch, we don’t always mean on the same day, but September 17th will have it all!

Proceeds from the Glow Run and Luce Line Lace-Up help make Hutchinson and our surrounding communities better.  THANK YOU race organizers, sponsors, and volunteers.


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Meet Dr. Mark Stuckey our New Family Medicine Physician