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Archives for November 2016

Under a Flaming Sky by Daniel James Brown

The Key to Keep Moving

Winter is here.  With holidays and cold weather, it’s easy to lose focus on staying active. A key to keep moving is to not get too down on yourself.  While we all might be skipping scheduled workouts and eating a few extra calories, there’s also new opportunities to be active and have fun.  Take advantage of each opportunity to get at least some physical activity in your day.  Each minute counts and adds up.

Here are some easy ways to get some extra activity in –

  • Shovel your driveway.
  • If shopping, take an extra lap around the store or mall.
  • Walk your cart back inside the store.
  • Think of active gift ideas to give others.  As they get excited about an activity, so will you!
  • If you’re going to buy yourself something new, consider quality cold-weather gear to keep you comfortable for longer when outside. You won’t regret the difference it makes!
  • Put on some music and dance, whether solo or as a family.
  • If you’re kids are in activities, consider taking a spectator break for a 10 minute walk with another parent.
  • Lastly, don’t let the kids have all the fun.  Build your own snowperson and find the perfect sledding hill.



Are you reading with us?

It’s that time of year.  The perfect time to grab a book for yourself (or someone else), find a comfortable spot on the couch and participate in our One Book, One Community.

This year’s read is Under a Flaming Sky: the Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894 by Daniel James Brown.

“It was a fire so vast that its tendrils licked the faces of people who sought refuge in lakes, so fast that it overcame people who tried to flee on trains, and so hot that it created plasma clouds that draped themselves like jellyfish over the roofs of the little town before the houses burst into flames.”

— From “Under a Flaming Sky,” by Daniel James Brown

Read more about One Book, One Community and the scheduled events to exapnd your reading experience.


Congratulations Dr. Steve Sonnek

Congratulations Dr. Steve Sonnek on receiving additional certification and passing his child and adolescent psychiatry boards. He is now a diplomate of the American Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc., and a member Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties.


Congratulations to Hutchinson Health Cancer Clinic

Congratulations to Hutchinson Health Cancer Clinic on receiving the 2016 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for Outstanding Patient Experience.




Celebrating our Radiology Department

Hutchinson Health is celebrating National Radiology Week.
We have 25 employees in Radiology. 7 of our employees have been with us for over 20 years! (4 over 25 years!) The Radiology Department serves our hospital, the Hutchinson Health Clinic and Orthopedic and Rehab Clinic.
Hutchinson Radiology offers the following Services:
General X-ray
CT (128 Slice Scanner)
Full Field Digital Mammography
Nuclear Medicine
Shout out to our Radiology staff for all they do for our patients.


Pertussis Cases Confirmed

Hutchinson Health has had at least 3 lab confirmed cases of pertussis. To keep all our patients and our staff safe, we ask all patients, with a cough, to please wear a mask during the entire time they are in our buildings. Remember, masking is not just for the flu season!


Dr. Kathleen Byron Provider of the Month

Dr. Kathleen Byron, family medicine physician, is Hutchinson Health’s provider of the month. Check out this video and meet Dr. Byron.

Hutchinson Health Cancer Clinic Receives 2016 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance in Patient Experience

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-2-59-14-pmHutchinson Health is pleased to announce it has been named a 2016 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey. The Guardian of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing health care organizations that have consistently achieved the 95th percentile or above of performance in Patient Experience.

The Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award is a nationally-recognized symbol of achievement in health care. Presented annually, the award honors clients who consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients for each reporting period during the course of one year.

This award recognizes the efforts of the entire Cancer Clinic staff and all who support them,


said Dr. Steven Mulder, President and CEO of Hutchinson Health. “We strive throughout the organization to provide patient –centered care. The Cancer Clinic award recognizes what can be achieved when our principles of effective and thorough communication with our patients are skillfully applied.”

According to Dr. Steven Mulder,  the award represents an important recognition from the industry’s leader in measuring, understanding and improving the patient experience.

“We are proud to partner with Hutchinson Health,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO of Press Ganey. “This award is a testament to the organization’s leadership in delivering patient-centered care. By achieving and sustaining this level of excellence, Hutchinson Health continues to demonstrate their commitment to reducing patient suffering and advancing the overall quality of health care.”

Hutchinson Health is one of the largest independent health care providers in Minnesota. Services include primary and specialty care clinics, emergency services, and specialty programs.

About Press Ganey

Press Ganey is a leading provider of patient experience measurement, performance analytics and strategic advisory solutions for health care organizations across the continuum of care. With over 30 years of experience, Press Ganey is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in patient experience measurement and performance improvement solutions. Our mission is to help health care organizations reduce patient suffering and improve clinical quality, safety and the patient experience. As of January 1, 2016, Press Ganey served more than 26,000 health care facilities.

For more information, visit

Advancing Health Video

Advancing Health With Our Community show cases our employees delivering a personal message to our patients.