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Archives for August 2017

Rest Easy, New Beds

Rest Easy…New Beds
Hutchinson Health Hospital has 25 new Stryker beds for our patient care.
These new beds are high tech and have features for both our patients and staff.
*There are enhanced settings for positioning and comfort so our patients can rest more comfortably
*To prevent patients from falling out of the beds, the “fall alarms” are more sensitive, which alert our staff
*The beds are motorized and maneuver easier, which helps our staff when transporting our patients to different areas

Volunteers Needed

There are a TON of upcoming community events that depend on local volunteers.  Show your support by giving your time to one of these upcoming events.  Your time commitment could be as little as a hour and could be done individually or in groups with family, friends or co-workers.
If you’re planning to participate in one of these events, don’t rule out volunteering.  Many different volunteer roles are needed and don’t conflict with participating.  Volunteering at registration or event clean up allows you to participate in the race AND volunteer.
If you’re not planning to walk or run, volunteering is a great way to get in on the action.  Check out these other benefits of volunteering at a race event.
MFT Glow Run, Sept 9th
Tiger Time Challenge, Sept 30th
Walk/Bike to School Day, Oct 3rd
Spooky Sprint, Oct 28th

Strength After Breast Cancer

Hutchinson Health’s Strength After Breast Cancer Program

“I learned through the Strength ABC program that after breast cancer treatment, it is safe to return to exercise to help strengthen my arm, as long as it is a slow, progressive exercise program. One of the greatest lessons for me was that I needed to start slow and with a lower weight than what I was using previously. The therapists instructed me on how to slowly and safely progress the weights and reps to prevent injury. They taught me the signs and symptoms to watch for with my body when progressing with the exercises.” ~ Ronda Matthias

Team Teuby Car Wash at Hutchinson Health

Car wash this Friday at Hutchinson Health west parking lot benefiting Team Teuby for the Emotions in Motion 5K. Hutchinson Health is proud to sponsor the SAVE event which is a suicide awareness walk, Sunday, September 17th. Please swing with your dirty wheels, $5 will get you cleaned up.

Wheel of Wellness at the Fair

Wheel of Wellness at our booth today at the McLeod County Fair. Come see us and participate and win a prize 4:00pm-9:00pm in the Commercial Building. Karen Gensmer and Peg Christenson will be covering eating healthy on a budget!

August International Breast Feeding Month

August is International Breast Feeding Month and our lactating team is here to help any mom or mom to be with advice or questions.
Hutchinson Health has 3 consultants and 2 counselors Rosalie Krenik, Nicole Kuttner, Janelle Walter, Lindsey Vacek,and Mikayla Vanic. Contact our BirthCare (320-484-4620) to schedule a time to meet with or talk to a lactation specialist. Stay tuned for breastfeeding related postings this month.

Special Delivery 30 lbs of Babies

Special delivery of 30 lbs of love. Three 10 lb babies were born in the last few days at our BirthCare Center. Congratulations to all the lucky families.