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5 Reasons to Have Your Baby at Hutchinson Health


1. Highly Experienced Care Team


Your care team of physicians and nurses have extensive training in prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care. Working together to provide the best healthcare and birth experience possible, Hutchinson Health has physicians specializing in Obstetrics, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics to care for you and your baby for years to come. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are available at all times for epidural pain management, and our surgical team is ready if a C-section is needed.

doctor talking with patient


2. Personalized Care


The birth of your baby is an incredible moment in life. We want to make your experience as positive and personal as possible. We strongly encourage you continue building a relationship with your provider and talk with him/her about any hopes, fears, or questions you have about pregnancy and giving birth. While our ultimate goal is always a safe delivery with a healthy mom and baby, we strive to make that happen in a way that feels personal to you.


3. The Reassurance You Need


Heighten safety and reassurance helps you know your baby is receiving the best care in the first few hours, days, and weeks of life. You and your baby will use the Hugs and Kisses System, each receiving matching bracelets moments after delivery. This advanced security system allows babies to be moved within the BirthCare Center and protects them from leaving the ward, by automatically activating door locks and alerting staff. All newborns are sent home with the HALO SleepSack®, a safer, easier way to swaddle and help your baby sleep safely from the start.

newborn in cart


4. Modern, Comfortable Suites


Privacy, comfort, and home-like d├ęcor provide moms and their loved ones the calm and encouraging environment needed throughout labor and delivery. Jetted whirlpool tubs, aromatherapy, room-service style dining, and complimentary Internet access are part of our birth suites.

birthcare suite



5. Education and Support


Our classes help prepare you for childbirth and breastfeeding, and our care staff and certified lactation consultants will help you with your transition from pregnancy to new mom. Hutchinson Health offers lactation services for patients immediately following delivery, as well as mothers who have returned home with their newborns to help make breastfeeding a success. Your support continues as your family provider and/or pediatrician will follow up with you for post-delivery check-ups and ongoing wellness appointments.

Prepared Childbirth Class