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5 Winter Survival Tips for Beating Cabin Fever

Yes, it’s still winter.

Call it cabin fever, winter doldrums or winter blues, it is significantly different from the more serious seasonal affective disorder or SAD but still affects our emotional well-being. Dr. Mark Frye from the Mayo Clinic’s Psychology and Psychiatry Department reminds us that a healthy lifestyle strategy is especially helpful during these winter months. Here are a few simple steps from Frye that we can all do.

1. Get plenty of exercise. Depending on the weather, that may mean finding an indoor spot to walk such as the Hutch Mall or the Hutchinson Recreation Center gym. Check out the wealth of opportunities to exercise listed in the Leader’s Fitness Connection, too.

2. Get outside especially when sunny. Try out snowshoeing by renting a pair of snowshoes from Hutchinson Parks and Rec for $5 for a couple of hours. If it’s one of our colder days, that may mean just a quick walk around the block.

3. Take breaks during the day. Frye suggests looking for a spot near a window. Now might be the time for that quick walk outside.

4. Open window shades. OK, that seems really obvious as a way to fight cabin fever but it’s easy to overlook when you’re having a down day.

5. Keep social in Hutchinson. During any given week, there are a variety of activities to enjoy. Check out the calendars of events put out by the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, the Hutchinson Leader, KDUZ Radio and HCVN television station. Call that friend or relative you’ve been meaning to connect with. They may be experiencing the blahs as well and you may be just the bright spot they needed in their day.

Contributed by Mary Henke, Connect Committee Volunteer