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Cardiac Rehab Class

Have you or someone you love recently experienced a cardiac event?

Hutchinson Health wants to help patients live
a healthy, active life after a cardiac event. Our
Cardiac Rehab services are designed to assist and
equip those in our community who are diagnosed
with heart disease with the information, support
and physical training they need to prevent
future cardiac events. In order to be eligible and
participate in Cardiac Rehab, a physician’s order is required.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a customized, monitored
exercise and education program designed to return
an individual to as active a lifestyle as possible after
a cardiac event. The cardiac rehab experience will
provide you with the tools to actively mange your health.

This specialized cardiac program offers guidance, support, and education to both the patient and their families.

Led by Hutchinson Health Staff the cardiac rehab
program includes assistance from dietitians and
nurses while addressing common and unique patient
questions around the topics of:
Lifestyle Changes Often
• Smoking Cessation
• Healthy Weight
• Lowering Stress
• Daily Exercise
• Healthy Food Choices
• Cholesterol Monitoring
• Regular Heart Rate Monitoring
• Avoiding/Limiting Alcohol or Caffeine
• Adequate Rest and Sleep Routine
• Monitor Glucose Levels
• Improve Emotional Health
• Support System
• Lifestyle Changes
• Recognizing Chest Pain
• Stress, Exercise, and Relaxation
• Medications
• Understanding the Heart and Heart Disease
• Nutrition
• Family Support

Call 320-234-5000 x7158 Janet Mraz to register or for inquiries.

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