Our Clinics will be closed Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day. Urgent Care will be open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and the Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day.


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Personalized fitness

Hutchinson has a wide variety of opportunities for physical activity.  ... Continue Reading

The Great {WINTER} Outdoors

Getting outside can feel like a lot of effort as the temps begin to drop, but there are so many great opportunities to explore our community all winter long.  In fact, winter can make the regular neighborhood route feel like a new place.  As the leaves have dropped, you might notice a few more views that trees were blocking in the summer.  If you feel a bit more adventurous, check out a favorite trail.  Fresh snow fall is perfect to use snowshoes.  Did you know snowshoes are available to rent at Hutchinson Parks and Rec for just $5 a set?  There are a variety of sizes for ages 4 and up. Check out the Winter Activity Guide for more info on snowshoes, ice time, open gym time and other community happenings. Speaking of community happenings, be sure to put Winterfest on your schedule for Saturday, Feb ... Continue Reading

Volunteers Needed

There are a TON of upcoming community events that depend on local volunteers.  Show your support by giving your time to one of these upcoming events.  Your time commitment could be as little as a hour and could be done individually or in groups with family, friends or co-workers. If you're planning to participate in one of these events, don't rule out volunteering.  Many different volunteer roles are needed and don't conflict with participating.  Volunteering at registration or event clean up allows you to participate in the race AND volunteer. If you're not planning to walk or run, volunteering is a great way to get in on the action.  Check out these other benefits of volunteering at a race event. UPCOMING EVENTS MFT Glow Run, Sept 9th Luce Line Lace Up, Sept 16th Emotions in Motion 5K, Sept 17th Tiger Time Challenge, Sept ... Continue Reading

Ready to Ride

As a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community, Hutchinson offers several bike events to participate in.  Get out and explore.  #muchinhutch #bikehutch ... Continue Reading

Tip: 5 simple steps to be your best at any age

Author: Kay Johnson They say you're only as young as you feel, and if you're an older American, the ability to feel young a little while longer is always appealing. Having a youthful state of mind goes a long way toward accomplishing this goal, but you can't ignore the importance of solid physical health. To improve your physical and mental health and prove age is just a number, apply these five tips from Mayo Clinic today.  Find the perfect interval. If you've never participated in high-intensity interval training before, here's a compelling reason to start. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found high-intensity aerobic exercise actually reversed some cellular aspects of aging. The research also found that the exercise improved muscle proteins, enlarged muscles and increased energy levels. The benefit of brain games. A ... Continue Reading

Spring Forward

We're ready for Spring!  As the weather warms up, we're ready to lace up and get outside.  Check out 2017's list of activities and consider trying something new this year.  #MuchinHutch   ... Continue Reading

6 small steps to improve your health in a big way

Author: Kay Johnson You want to be healthier, right? But try as you might, it always seems like something’s standing in your way. Time and money are two of the largest obstacles, and you may think it’s impossible to improve your health without a significant time or financial investment. The good news is, however, that’s not true. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact on your health, and you can start improving your wellness today with these six simple steps: ... Continue Reading

Try something new: Snowshoes

Hutchinson Health, Heart of Hutch and PRCE have worked together to provide snow shoes available to try out with your family, friends or groups.  Beginning Dec 19th, snowshoes can be picked up from the PRCE office Monday-Friday from 9:00 am—3:00 pm. Fee is for package of 6 pairs (adult and youth sizes available). Call 320-587-2975 for availability. #171 (Hutchinson PRCE) Fee: $25 for up to 3 days ... Continue Reading

The Key to Keep Moving

Winter is here.  With holidays and cold weather, it's easy to lose focus on staying active. A key to keep moving is to not get too down on yourself.  While we all might be skipping scheduled workouts and eating a few extra calories, there's also new opportunities to be active and have fun.  Take advantage of each opportunity to get at least some physical activity in your day.  Each minute counts and adds up. Here are some easy ways to get some extra activity in - Shovel your driveway. If shopping, take an extra lap around the store or mall. Walk your cart back inside the store. Think of active gift ideas to give others.  As they get excited about an activity, so will you! If you're going to buy yourself something new, consider quality cold-weather gear to keep you comfortable for ... Continue Reading

Walk & Bike to School Day

Walk & Bike to School Day is Wednesday, October 5th. Park Elementary will host Mayor Gary Forcier, Fire Chief Mike Schumann and Police Chief Dan Hatten and other Heart of Hutch volunteers leading groups of kids along identified walking routes for the 5th year!   Snack station will be available to walkers, bikers and volunteers in the am. Check out the Walking School Bus Routes and join us on our way to Park Elementary! In light of concerns that parents have been voicing, Police Chief Hatten has provided this statement - "The Annual Walk to School Day is an opportunity for us as a community to encourage our children to begin healthy life style habits by walking to school. It is also an opportunity to renew or begin family safety plans to prevent abductions. This event affirms the message that our community is ... Continue Reading