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Healthy Living: Spring/Summer 2016

Orthopedics Clinic is Here to Help Are you ready for golfing, hiking, paddle boarding, or any other activity you’re looking forward to this spring and summer? If you are experiencing sore joints, knees, hips, feet or any host of issues preventing you from being active, it’s time to change course. Hutchinson Health Orthopedic and Rehab Clinic will identify and treat the pain you’re experiencing, and then help you regain your physical health so you can partake in activities and enjoy an active lifestyle. Our Orthopedic and Rehab Clinic is comprisedof Orthopedic specialists dedicated to treating bone and joint problems. Working closely with the Physical Rehabilitation Center at HutchinsonHealth, our outstanding team of physical and occupational therapists, orthopedic ... Continue Reading

Healthy Living: Winter 2015

  BirthCare Center The Hutchinson Health BirthCare Center provides you with the best and safest care throughout each phase of your pregnancy and hospital stay. We know that a warm, family-centered environment will help assure a positive and memorable experience with one of life’s most important milestones. The BirthCare Center is committed to providing moms and babies with specialized care from a team of delivering family physicians, OB/GYN physicians and nurses. Whether you’re a first time mom or growing your family with each new addition, you will receive the nurturing care you and your baby deserve. Sarah and Jon Skoog recently welcomed their first child, William, and are ready to share about their experience at our BirthCare Center: I can’t speak highly enough about the OB staff at Hutchinson Health and the care they ... Continue Reading

Small is Better: When it comes to surgery, small has a lot of perks.

Newsletter Spring 2014

Bigger isn’t always better. With minimally invasive surgery, we use: teeny-tiny incisions (often less than one quarter of an inch), thin, flexible instruments, and miniature cameras, narrower than a pinky finger. At Hutchinson Health, we believe less is more. Minimally invasive surgical procedures mean our patients experience less pain, less scarring, and less recovery time. Medical problems shouldn’t take up a big chunk of your life. Let Hutchinson Health’s skilled surgical team help you experience the benefits of minimally invasive surgery today.   Top orthopedic surgeon joins Hutchinson Health Specializing in minimally invasive hip and knee replacements and orthopedic oncology, Dr. Thomas Nelson is looking forward to sharing his expertise with patients in Hutchinson and the surrounding area. “I have ... Continue Reading