Our Clinics will be closed Monday, May 26 for Memorial Day. Urgent Care will be open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and the Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day.


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Your Mental Health is Important and asking for help can be difficult

You’re not alone if you feel like the current situation with COVID-19 has been disruptive to your life. It has altered almost everyone’s daily schedules and routines, and it has created a lot of uncertainty. We want to help you and your loved ones plan, prepare, and cope with stress related to this rapidly changing situation. Hutchinson Health remains committed to providing mental health services and continuity of care. Telehealth Appointments Our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic has been conducting telehealth visits for both existing patients and new patients. Telehealth has provided an opportunity for continuation of care, to best target and treat mental and emotional health difficulties during this stressful time. Here is some feedback we’re getting from patients, families, and providers that’s been positive! “I was worried I ... Continue Reading

Hearing Aids and Evaluations Available at Hutchinson Health

If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing, or question if you may have some hearing loss, Hutchinson Health is here to support your needs. Our Doctor of Audiology offers hearing evaluations and works closely with our ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Specialist to help diagnose and treat a variety of hearing related issues. Approximately 37.5 million Americans suffer from hearing loss In cases where hearing loss isn’t treatable by medical or surgical procedures, hearing aids are a way for you to live a healthy, full, and active lifestyle. Hearing plays an important role in maintaining relationships, engaging in stimulating conversation, and preserving the level of lifestyle to which you're accustomed. How do you know if a hearing evaluation is necessary? If you want to have your hearing checked or suspect you may have some ... Continue Reading

Hutchinson Health Now Offers the Latest in 3D Imaging Mammograms

lady getting mammogram in hospital

In keeping with our mission of Advancing Health with our Community, Hutchinson Health NOW offers the latest in breast cancer detection with the addition of our new Genius 3D Mammography machine.  We continue to offer the 2D as well. A 3D mammogram allows for more complexities and details to be seen in the 3D imaging which results in the detection of breast cancer earlier and far more accurately than ever before. It works by taking multiple images from various angles which then gives physicians a better, clearer, and more complete image of breast masses. The software that Hutchinson Health uses provides a 3D mammogram at approximately the same radiation dose as a standard screening mammogram. A couple helpful tips when scheduling a mammogram at Hutchinson Health: You do not need a referral from a provider to schedule a ... Continue Reading

Hutchinson Health is now providing ImPACT concussion assessments for ages 12 and up

What does ImPACT mean? ImPACT® stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. It is important to get a baseline test completed before starting an activity. What is ImPACT? ImPACT is an objective tool to support trained healthcare providers in making sound return to activity decisions following concussions. It’s a computerized test that measures memory, attention span, visual and verbal problem solving. ImPACT has two primary uses: before the onset of an activity, a baseline test is conducted. In the event of an injury, a post-injury test is administered and compared to the baseline. Why use ImPACT? Neurocognitive testing is the "cornerstone" of modern concussion management. It gives healthcare providers objective data to evaluate a patient’s post-injury condition and aids in tracking recovery for safe ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Have Your Baby at Hutchinson Health

new mom and dad looking at new born baby

  1. Highly Experienced Care Team     2. Personalized Care     3. The Reassurance You Need     4. Modern, Comfortable Suites       5. Education and Support   ... Continue Reading

Back to School Comes Early Next Year

playing soccer

With the new construction project and exciting changes at the Hutchinson High School starting this year, the Hutchinson school district made the decision to adjust the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school calendar year to accommodate construction needs. Normally families have until after Labor Day to prepare for going back to school, but this year grades 2 through 12 start school on Monday, August 22, 2016. With the shortened summer break, it’s important to schedule your back to school appointments early so you can get in to see your preferred provider and get school forms and immunizations to the school as required.   Some of the items you may need to take care of prior to school include: Annual wellness check-ups and immunizations Immunization documents for school forms (request from our records department, if needed) ... Continue Reading

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness: Ready, Set, Go!

two little girls finger painting

If you have a child who is preschool age, you’ve likely noticed many preschool/kindergarten enrollment announcements and open houses recently. As you attend open houses, tour facilities, meet staff, and collect a handful of information and forms, keep in mind that you’ll need to have quite a few medical, emergency contact, immunization, and allergy/asthma directives ready at the time you enroll. ... Continue Reading

Lactation Consultation Services now available

mom and baby getting lactation consultation

Hutchinson Health is pleased to offer lactation services for patients immediately following delivery, as well as mothers who have returned home with their newborns. We have four lactation consultants on staff who will meet with patients on an inpatient or outpatient basis, according to patient needs. Whether you’re a first time mom or growing your family with each new addition, you will receive the nurturing care you and your baby deserve.   Hours of Availability Please call OB at 320-484-4620 to have a lactation consultant contact you. Appointments will be in Room 201 of the hospital. Monday 10am-2pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Friday 10am-2pm Please visit our Birthcare Center for more information about services offered at Hutchinson Health.   ... Continue Reading

Hutchinson Health Employees Attend Customer Service Workshop

Hutchinson Health employees recently attended a Customer Service Training. The goal of Hutchinson Health is to provide our patients with the best possible care experience every time. Our customer service is built on a foundation of respect and compassion for our patients, customers, and fellow co-workers. The workshop was  interactive and stressed communicating with each department and area.  Recent hero stories of employees that went above and beyond their role in the organization was inspiring. ... Continue Reading

Dr. Thomas Nelson gets Fantastic Reviews from Local Dentist

Dr. John Gillard is a dentist here in Hutchinson, so his normal role is not being the patient, but John knew hip replacement surgery was something he was going to have to consider after steroid shots stopped handling his pain. John's first goal was that he wanted an experienced physician and the second goal was, if possible, to have a minimally invasive procedure. In retrospect, he is very pleased to have found both with Dr. Thomas Nelson, Orthoapedic Surgeon at Hutchinson Health Orthoapedic and Rehab Clinic. Dr. Nelson joined Hutchinson Health in 2014 from Twin Cities Orthopedics. His specialty is shoulders, hips and knee surgery with minimally invasive procedures, which essentially means less of an incision. The smaller incisions mean the recovery process is quicker, hopefully less pain and hence a faster return to the activities that ... Continue Reading