In order to control the spread of the flu, we ask people who have any flu symptoms to not visit patients at Hutchinson Health.


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Disaster Drill at Hutchinson Health Tuesday, September 25th

Disaster Drill – September 25, 2018, 5:30-7:30pm

Hutchinson Health is participating in a mass casualty disaster drill with area partners on September 25th from 5:30-7:30pm. The drill objectives are to:

  • Test our disaster triaging system
  • Test our processes in the disaster treatment areas
  • Practice setting up the family assistance center
  • Test communications with Law Enforcement and EMS
  • Test the hospital incident command structure and emergency operations
  • Test emergency communications to off duty staff for assistance

This is a great way for us to practice so we are ready in the event it is ever needed to be instigated.

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with our community partners to refine our processes for mass casualty events.  The following entities are participating in the drill:


  • Allina EMS
  • Cosmos Ambulance
  • Gold Cross Ambulance
  • LifeLInk
  • North Memorial



  • Cosmos Fire
  • Dassel Fire/Rescue
  • Hutchinson Fire
  • Litchfield Fire
  • Litchfield Rescue



  • Hicks Bus
  • Litchfield Schools

Law Enforcement

  • Hutchinson Police Department
  • Litchfield Police Department
  • McLeod County Sheriff’s Office
  • Meeker County Sheriff’s Office
  • State Patrol – McLeod
  • State Patrol – Meeker



  • Meeker County Highway



  • Hutchinson Health
  • Meeker Memorial Hospital


Thanks in advance for your participation in this disaster drill! Your involvement will help Hutchinson Health prepare for future events.