In order to control the spread of the flu, we ask people who have any flu symptoms to not visit patients at Hutchinson Health.


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Get Your Flu Vaccine at Hutchinson Health

The flu vaccine is your best defense against contracting the flu.

flu-shotThe flu vaccine can be given in shot and mist form. Hutchinson Health has flu shots and mist will be available soon. It is advisable you and your family be vaccinated for the flu as soon as possible. To get your flu vaccine at Hutchinson Health, simply stop at the front desk. No appointment needed.

The seasonal flu, commonly referred to as “the flu” or “influenza”, is a respiratory illness that is contagious and caused by flu viruses. People spread the flu virus from one another, and it typically results in mild to severe illness in the person who contracts the flu virus. In some instances, the flu can lead to serious illness or even death. The flu can be a serious health concern for young children, elderly, and people with chronic health conditions, making them more susceptible.

Contact your provider if you have any specific questions or concerns about getting the vaccine.