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Health & Well-Being

Woman at community event smiling with friendsHutchinson Health wants to help people live well.

Good health starts at home, at our places of employment, and in our community. Health and Well-Being encompasses healthy lifestyles, positive attitudes, good habits, and quality resources that people can trust.

Hutchinson Health knows that you have the power to make a difference and create lasting change for yourself, your family, and your community. We’ll provide ideas you can implement, share, and build upon, as we work together to lift one another up, take an active role in our community, and make good happen!

One Book One Community

A community book read is an opportunity to connect with your family, friends, co-workers, and community around a shared topic.

Little Free Libraries

Hutchinson has over two dozen Little Free Library houses!  You can find these around neighborhoods, as well as local businesses.

Random Acts of Kindness

Through our daily interactions, we have an opportunity to extend kindness in small or big ways to others.

Community Events

Volunteers in our community plan a variety of events that offer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Please check the calendar for activities that interest you and your family.

Health Classes

Hutchinson Health offers onsite classes to advance the health and well-being of our patients and care providers in our community.


Find delicious and healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy. Get inspired to cook meals at home using many fresh ingredients.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Download a copy of the Community Health Needs Assessment

Advisory Committee

Serves to guide Hutchinson Health to fulfill its vision of, “Health as it could be, affordability as it must be, through relationships built on trust.”