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Hutchinson Health Recognized by Minnesota Hospital Association for Excellence in Quality and Patient Safety

Hutchinson Health has been recognized by the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) for superior performance in quality and patient safety.

·         MHA is one of 16 Health Improvement Innovation Networks in the country.

·         The networks are created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

·         The overall goal is to reduce patient harm and 30 day hospital readmissions.

Hutchinson Health received this award based on:

·         Consistent participation, engagement and leadership in quality and patient safety improvement initiatives in collaboration with the  MHA HIIN.

·         Active reporting on more than 75% of the available safety process measures.

·         Achievement of the goals on more than 70% of the outcome measures

·         Implementation of a patient and family engagement process.

Examples include:

o   Medication safety improvements

o   Reducing the number of infections

o   Reducing preventable falls

o   Early recognition and treatment of sepsis

o   Prevention of pressure injuries

o   Improving perinatal safety

o   Improving surgical safety

o   Improving coordination of care

o   Workplace violence prevention

o   Implementation of the Patient Family Advisory Committee

We are proud of the tremendous work being done throughout Hutchinson Health in regard to quality improvement and patient safety.  We have made great strides towards our goals and that effort has been recognized by MHA. We appreciate this recognition of our efforts and commit to continue this work to improve the quality of our services and the safety of our patients.

Group holding Partnership for Patient Award