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In Good Company

We’re passionate about the health of our community.  And, what’s best, we are not alone.

IMG_7236Heart of Hutch is one of many community movements working towards making tomorrow a better place and increasing our quality of life. Through volunteers and partners, Heart of Hutch works to inspire positive change in habits, behaviors and attitudes across our community.  Since 2011, Heart of Hutch has provided over 192 health related events, activities and initiatives in Hutchinson, reaching more that 18, 560 people who live, work or play in our community.

Heart of Hutch continues to explore what other communities are doing and partnering to bring the best back to our own community.  Here’s what other communities are doing to make a difference and improve the lives of residents and beyond!

Albert Lea was the first Blue Zones pilot project to work towards building a community as a future Blue Zone hot spot.  Since 2009, Albert Lea has added years to residents lives by making small, sustainable changes over time.  Heart of Hutch was founded on the principles of Dan Buettner’s Book, The Blue Zones.  Keep up the amazing work, Albert Lea!

BLEND (Better Living: Exercise and Nutrition Daily) is a coalition of medical professionals, policy makers, educators, health care advocates, and parents who are committed to improving the health of children in Central Minnesota by reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Bounce Back Project of Buffalo and Monticello recently kicked off and working towards improving community health through happiness.

Hearts Beat Back, a project of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation that started in New Ulm to decrease heart attacks in their community, has developed research and resources for every community to utilize and works towards creating a world without heart disease.

Through the guiding principles of Eat Smart, Move Naturally, and Connect Wholeheartedly, Heart of Hutch continues to increase awareness and engagement through volunteers like you.  Get connected with us and be a part of the change!