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Luce Line Trail Brings Flurry of Activity to Area

Residents of Hutchinson and across the state of Minnesota are enjoying the miles of newly paved Luce Line Trail that connects Hutchinson with the metro area. Runners, bikers, walkers, and more are using the Luce Line Trail around Hutchinson more than ever. Take a stroll outside of Hutchinson and you’re likely to encounter a flurry of activity on the trail. The weather is perfect, and with Hutchinson being designated a bike-friendly community, people are taking note of the value of such a regional asset.

The Star Tribune published an article, “Section by section, Luce Line trail dream realized” highlighting local people passionate about the Luce Line project and what it will mean for our community for years to come.

Dr. Mulder was interviewed for the article, adding ““Having paved trails makes that easier and more inviting for folks,” he said. “It’s safer, and I think it will draw people. It’s a wonderful way to get a good workout.”

Before you hit the trails, remember that helmets are a must. Make sure helmets are properly fitted and worn correctly. Insist on wearing helmets regardless of the length of the bike ride or rollerblading trip.