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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Each year, over 2,200 Minnesotans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  And sadly, more than 700 die from it. Colon cancer is in fact the number 2 cancer killer in the United States as a whole — even though it’s 90 percent curable if caught early.

That’s why getting screened for this cancer is so important. The American Cancer Society says regular screenings should start at age 45 for African Americans and Native Americans, who are at higher risk for the disease. And screening should start at age 50 for all other races and ethnicities, since risk increases with age across the board.

In Minnesota, though, only 71 percent of the adults who have reached these ages are getting timely screenings.  And screening rates among populations of color are even lower at only 56.2 percent.

We are going blue at our entrance of our Cancer Center to create awareness. Create awareness and get screened.

Ask your provider today!

Blue lights at the Hutchinson Cancer Center entrance for Colon Cancer Awareness