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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: Hutchinson Health and HealthPartners, in collaboration with other healthcare organizations and government agencies, have decided to delay all elective surgeries, procedures, and non-essential radiology services during the Coronavirus outbreak for the safety and care of our patients and team members. If you have an existing appointment, we’ll call you and help you reschedule.

For information on prevention, symptoms and what to do if you’re feeling sick, visit our COVID-19 information page.

Thank you for your understanding.



If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing or balance, or need to be fitted with hearing aids, Hutchinson Health is here to support all your audiology needs.

Our Doctor of Audiology offers hearing evaluations and works closely with our ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Specialist to help diagnose and treat a variety of hearing-related issues for both adults and children.

Grandmother reading to her granddaughter while her daughter watches smilingEvaluations, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Hearing or Balance Problems

Hearing plays an important role in healthy growth and learning, maintaining relationships, engaging in stimulating conversation, and preserving the level of lifestyle to which you’re accustomed. Based on your diagnosis, we will present a variety of treatment options. In cases where hearing loss isn’t treatable by medical or surgical procedures, hearing aids are a way for you to live a healthy, full, and active lifestyle.

How do you know if a hearing evaluation is necessary? If you want to have your hearing checked or suspect you may have some hearing loss, make an appointment for a hearing evaluation.

The following are signs that your hearing should get checked and may need hearing aids:

  • Others seem to mumble or are hard to understand
  • Trouble hearing people in loud, public places
  • Noticeable ringing or buzzing that is sporadic or constant in your ears
  • Tend to ask people to repeat themselves often
  • Checkout of conversations because they are hard to follow

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, need to buy hearing aids, or need help with your existing hearing aids, know there is help close to home! You do not need a referral to make an appointment.