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Labor and Delivery Services


Hutchinson Health BirthCare SuiteNo Early Inductions has been a successful campaign championed by the March of Dimes and Hutchinson Health. Our BirthCare Center staff supports waiting the full 40 weeks to allow babies time for full brain development. Unless medical reasons require earlier delivery, your physician at Hutchinson Health will explain the steps we take to provide the latest in medical care for a healthy mom and baby. Hutchinson Health has seen a decline in the number of IV’s needed since embracing No Early Inductions which means healthier and happier babies.

Keeping you comfortable and able to follow your birth plan is of utmost importance to us. Our labor and delivery suites are private and equipped to allow you to stay in the same room from the moment you check in, until you prepare your new baby for the trip home. Our birthing suites cater to your comfort and are filled with little touches and modern amenities to make you feel at home. Designed to nurture and soothe, our birthing suites offer luxurious therapeutic hot tubs, aromatherapy and massage, room-service style dining, complimentary Internet access, and sleeper sofas for family members.


baby delivery at Hutchinson HealthYour BirthCare Center team is careful to ensure you have skin to skin contact with your baby within the first hour of birth, even in the event of a C-Section. C-Section patients also recover in their birthing suites, and babies are brought to the suite to be with you. Skin to skin contact helps in a number of important ways, including breast feeding and soothing your newborn.

Hugs and Kisses System

hugs and kisses braceletsOur Hugs and Kisses System in our BirthCare Center is reassuring to moms and heightens the safety of every baby born at Hutchinson Health. The special matching bracelets are put on both mom and baby at the time of delivery. This advanced security system allows babies to be moved within the BirthCare Center and protects them from leaving the ward, by automatically activating door locks and alerting staff.

Hugs and Kisses System also ensures mother and baby are always correctly united. It automatically alerts Hutchinson Health staff with an audible signal in the event of an incorrect match between baby and mother.

Your BirthCare Team is Here for You

The hours after delivery will be dedicated to taking care of you and your baby. You’ll find our highly trained OB staff very sensitive of your needs. Your family physician and/or pediatrician can come visit you and your baby during your stay. You also have access to a lactation consultant while at the BirthCare Center. Hutchinson Health can accommodate your healthcare and post-delivery needs; you simply need to let us know how we can help.

Web Nursery

newborn-baby-photoHutchinson Health has a Web Nursery which all new parents are welcome to use free of charge to announce the arrival to friends and family. Photos and basic statistics can be included, and it is completely optional for you.

Visit the Web Nursery

Car Seat

Your baby cannot leave the hospital without an appropriate rear-facing car seat. Please make sure your car seat is properly installed and that you know how to fasten your infant in safely.

Birthcare nurses and doctors were VERY supportive, helpful and wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better care!