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Post Pregnancy Baby Care

The BirthCare Center staff is ready to assist with your transition home.

post pregnancy care at Hutchinson HealthYour BirthCare Center nurse will review how to care for your baby at home, such as umbilical cord care. He or she will let you know when and how to make your first post-care appointment with your care provider,

Hutchinson Health works closely with public health to refer new moms and babies for home visits if you feel your baby would benefit from a personal visit from a public health nurse.

When you return for post-care check-ups, our seamless charting system will ready your care team for your arrival at the clinic. Your pediatrician or family physician will let you know at what intervals you need to schedule your baby for wellness check-ups and vaccinations. You’ll be on your way to teaching your child the importance of life-long wellness visits.

AMAZING staff… which created an amazing experience!

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