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It’s a good idea to meet with your physician for a wellness check-up and let him or her know that you’re planning to get pregnant.

happy coupleYour physician will review prescription medications, update vaccinations, and review any other chronic conditions or medical concerns as they relate to a healthy pregnancy. Most importantly, a visit is a chance for you to ask questions.

It’s important that you’re in the best health possible to conceive. Your doctor will advise you on pre-natal vitamins, healthy exercise, and lifestyle changes to help you with a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. You’ll learn about your options at Hutchinson Health for finding a family physician who delivers babies, OB/GYN, or Pediatrician; you decide what best fits for you and your pregnancy.

Very attentive! (They) took time with me, explained ALL options, and kept my interest in mind!

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Preparing for the months ahead.

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