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Cancer Center

We’re proud to offer you and your family exceptional cancer care and access to the latest technology.

Our new Cancer Center is located 1095 Highway 15 South.

It’s a calming space that includes three exam rooms and six infusion rooms. We’ve also added a procedure room.


cancer patient smiling


Oncology/Hematology – Khalid Kambal, MD

Dr. Kambal completed his residency in internal medicine and fellowship in oncology and hematology at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC. He’s been an oncologist in Ashland, Kentucky and Washington, DC. While patients appreciate his intellect in guiding them toward the best treatments, it’s Dr. Kambal’s immense heart that provides hope on journeys with cancer.

Meet Dr. Kambal


Other Services

Onsite Infusion Chemotherapy: Means more convenience and less travel for you when you’d rather stay close to home and your support network, while you receive infusion chemotherapy treatment.

Hutchinson Health Cancer Center also offers Hematology and Oral Specialty Medication Care Coordination Services.

Caring for cancer patients is a team approach that includes individual patients and their families, oncology physicians and nurses, and a team of specialized healthcare professionals focused on getting you well again.

Exceptional care means we fight the disease, but never forget that we’re caring for a person.

That’s part of our promise to bring advanced care and exceptional caring to you and your family.


Mind, Body, and Spirit

cancer-team Your cancer care team is committed to treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit. Our team can help you manage stress, depression, anxiety, eating or sleeping difficulty, or other common issues during your illness.

Nutrition Team: Our Nutrition Services team can help design a practical eating plan to help meet your individual needs. Many insurance plans cover the cost of meeting with a nutrition expert and may require a referral from your physician.

Support Group: If you’re looking for a Support Group, head coverings or other resources, just let us know. We’re here for you.


Patient Education: We spend the time answering your questions and insuring you have the information you need to prepare for each step of the diagnosis, treatment, and after-care process. Two excellent resources are include the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society.

Prevention: Some of the most common forms of cancer have preventative and risk reduction measures you can take to reduce your chances of developing cancer. Several of the contributing factors to common forms of cancer include smoking, secondhand smoke, obesity, lack of exercise, and various environmental factors. Read more on preventative measures you can take at Public Health.

We’re in this together

We know how stressful initial diagnosis is, so we’ll make your appointment as soon as possible and be with you every step of the way. From diagnosis through treatment and after-care, the heart of everything we do at Hutchinson Health Cancer Center melds effective cancer treatment, alongside compassionate care for our patients. Making an appointment is as simple as calling our office at 320-484-4695.

We accept most insurance and can answer any concerns about coverage. Although this path is new to you, we’ve traveled it many times. We’ll help guide your way. We look forward to meeting you and beginning the journey together, providing highly specialized services and care from diagnosis, to treatment, education, and support.