Reminder of our winter visitor restrictions to keep our patients safe: please don’t visit patients if you have a fever, cough, body aches, vomiting and diarrhea, this includes our most susceptible newborn patients.


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Family Medicine

Keeping you and your family healthy.

Father Reading Story To Children In Their Bedroom

Family medicine physicians, often called general practitioners, see patients with a wide range of medical issues.  These physicians establish rapport with patients over long periods of time. This long term relationship, coupled with their broad medical skill set ,often results in entire families choosing to have the same doctor.  This allows the physician to follow both children and parents, through infancy to adulthood, which is perfect for continuity of care.

Through every stage of life, family physicians offer preventative care, treat common ailments like colds and strep throat, and also address chronic conditions, diabetes, blood pressure, and general health concerns.

Meet our Family Medicine Providers

BirthCare Specialty

Some family physicians can also be primary providers with obstetrics or prenatal care as well.  Five of our family medicine physicians are part of our BirthCare Team at Hutchinson Health  and also offer obstetrics:

When a patient chooses her family physician to deliver her baby, the doctor stays with her throughout the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. From baby’s first breath, the family physician provides ongoing care for both mother and baby.

A Family Medicine Physician Gets to Know You and Your Family

Over time, a family medicine physician learns your medical history, your health goals and concerns, lifestyle, and treatment preferences for everyone in the family which means they:

  • Develop personal relationships with patients
  • Create patient-specific health programs that make use of historical data
  • Monitor and adapt individualized health programs over time
  • Schedule and administer follow-up examinations
  • Make use of patient health data in medical analyses
  • Offer comprehensive wellness exams
  • Administer vaccinations
  • Perform medical procedures
  • Recommends specialists for treatment outside of their capacity
  • Educate patients in health management and disease prevention
  • Offer birthing services

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When patients have complicated health issues that require the expertise of a specialist, they will make referrals. Visit our Family Medicine Provider page to find a primary physician for you and your family.