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Home Care Guides

Helping You Carry Out Your Health Care Plan with Confidence

Health care visits, treatment plans, medications, and follow-up appointments can be confusing. A patient who has trouble understanding care instructions and how or where to make follow-up appointments can benefit from Home Care Guides. Patients with multiple providers, chronic conditions, or who feel overwhelmed in any way will benefit from having a Home Care Guide.

The confidence you want. The communication and support you need.

Illustration of three piece circle puzzle of support, trust and coordinated careHow Does a Home Care Guide Help?

  • Patients with a Home Care Guide are more likely to fill prescriptions and take medications as prescribed thanks to helpful reminders.
  • Patients with a Home Care Guide are less likely to miss follow-up appointments, thereby following treatment plans more closely.
  • Patients with a Home Care Guide have someone else with them on appointments who also heard what the provider said and can help keep track of details.
  • Patients with a Home Care Guide are more likely to get their questions answered and have someone to call if they don’t understand something.
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