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Chemical Dependency

Hutchinson Health offers caring and supportive outpatient chemical dependency programs and services.

supportThe Hutchinson Health Chemical Dependency program is an evening program that can offer services to clients who need intensive outpatient care, who need treatment for relapse, or who need “step-down” programming from an inpatient or residential treatment setting.

Clients are expected to attend AA/NA and will be given weekly assignments geared toward 12-steps.

Programs and Services

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

  • Continuing Care
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Adolescent Treatment (age 15 and up)

Chemical Use Assessments

Our Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC) will complete a comprehensive chemical use assessment. This assessment is a series of questions about personal, family, and chemical use history. The purpose of this assessment is to help track patterns of use and problems associated with use. The LADC will make treatment recommendations based on each client’s history.

Individualized Treatment

The program offers services to clients who need intensive outpatient care, treatment for relapse, or continuing care from an inpatient or residential treatment setting. Treatment includes evening group session and one-to-one counseling.

Client Care Coordination

Our staff will work with clients to coordinate the appropriate course of treatment. This may include a referral to an external facility for treatment or a referral for therapy or psychiatry. Our staff will also work in conjunction with agencies that refer clients to treatment at Hutchinson Health.

Out Patient Chemical Dependency Programs

  • Primary Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • “Step-Down” Treatment
  • Family Programming
  • Client Care Coordination

Other Services:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Mental Health Therapy

Licensing & Insurance Coverage

The program is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and accredited by the Joint Commission of Hospitals. The program is eligible for medical insurance reimbursement and Rule 25 Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Funds. Staff members are available to check insurance benefits and answer financial concerns.

Evening Treatment

Evening treatment is provided for male and female individuals ages 15 years and older. We do this in an effort to maintain our client’s school, employment, and family activities. Our licensed chemical dependency staff will work closely with clients to find a treatment plan that fits their individual needs.

Adolescent Treatment

We offer specific treatment planning designed to meet the unique needs of the adolescent. Parents are typically encouraged to attend all sessions with the adolescent.