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Urgent Care

When sudden illness or injury strikes, it is reassuring to know there’s someone here to help.

Urgent Care hours every day 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Being sick or injured is stressful. Our nurses will help direct you to the most appropriate location for your care. When Urgent Care is determined to be the best fit, our highly-skilled Urgent Care team will provide same-day care for problems and injuries that need medical attention but are not life-threatening.

If you’re experiencing chest pain, an asthma attack, allergic reaction, dizziness, severe abdominal pain, fractures, sudden numbness, severe pain or any other life-threatening condition, go to an emergency room or call 911.

What to expect in Urgent Care

I had to use Urgent Care twice in March. I was so impressed with the care I received. I am happy we have choices!
Gail Telecky

Our Care That Fits helps to determine the best care for your needs when you arrive in Urgent Care. However, most patients receive care through their primary providers in our clinic.

It’s important to understand when to make a scheduled appointment with your provider and when your medical needs are better to address in Urgent Care. Here are some commonly asked questions about when you should or should not go to Urgent Care.

I can’t get in to see my primary physician, so should I just ask to see an Urgent Care doctor?
I have a lot going on with my health, can the providers in Urgent Care treat them while I’m there?
How do you bill for Urgent Care services?
If I go to Urgent Care for something that should be scheduled with my primary physician, do I still need to see my primary physician later?
I have run out of a prescription. Isn’t talking to an Urgent Care doctor the fastest or easiest way to refill my prescription?
I don’t have time to wait for my scheduled appointment. Isn’t Urgent Care a way to move up my appointment?
Aren’t wait times shorter in Urgent Care? It feels like it takes less time than waiting to see my regular doctor.
I really don’t want to go to the Emergency Room. Can’t Urgent Care just take care of it?
I don’t have a primary physician, or if I do, I don’t remember who it is.