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Vein Therapy

Dr. Moses and Dr. Knudtson at Hutchinson Health

Dr. Moses and Dr. Knudtson

Helping you get relief from leg cramps, bulging veins, aching, swelling, or fatigue.

For a number of years, Dr. Josh Knudtson and Dr. Christina Moses have been treating patients at the Hutchinson Health Clinic and providing them with a new, advanced treatment for varicose veins. People with varicose veins and leg pain often report symptoms of leg cramps, bulging veins, aching, swelling, or fatigue, and Dr. Knudtson and Dr. Moses want you to know you have options for immediately treating the condition and relieving symptoms.

Advanced Varicose Vein Treatment

Vein Clinic at Hutchinson HealthCalled Radio Frequency Ablation, this minimally invasive procedure permanently treats varicose veins, is relatively quick, and carries very little discomfort for patients. To offer a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, patients are seen in the Hutchinson Clinic. The procedure takes approximately one hour per vein, and patients are able to return home immediately and resume normal activity.

Anyone with varicose veins or experiencing any of the symptoms described above should contact their physician who can refer you for vein therapy, where a determination will be made if you are a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Knudtson and Dr. Moses are familiar with the qualification process needed to have this procedure covered by most health insurance companies.