In order to control the spread of the flu, we ask people who have any flu symptoms to not visit patients at Hutchinson Health.


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Nurses Transform Care

Transforming Care at the Bedside

Transforming Care at the Bedside

Hutchinson Area Health Care is one of 22 Minnesota hospitals participating in an 18-month project called “Transforming Care at the Bedside” or TCAB for short.

“Nurses are invigorated, excited, empowered,” said Sandy Linder. ”TCAB empowers front-line staff to make decisions that will allow them to spend more time at each patient’s bedside.

“This is nursing the way it’s supposed to be,” said Sarah Henschke. “Nurses went into this field because we enjoy caring for patients. Now we have more time to spend with each patient.”

Caring for patients is obviously what nurses do, but the fact is they spend a large chunk of each shift filling out paperwork, hunting down supplies, picking up medication and performing other tasks. The goal of TCAB is to streamline hospital practices to free nurses from these extraneous demands and enable them to focus more on patients’ safety, comfort and overall hospital experience.

To identify areas of potential transformation, nurses engage in “snorkeling” – a lengthy brainstorming session designed to explore methods of improving bedside care in medical surgical units.

TCAB is a quality improvement project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that focuses on empowering nurses to redesign the care they deliver. It helps nurses identify where change is needed, suggest and test potential solutions, and decide whether innovations will be implemented. TCAB has demonstrated impressive results in helping nurses care for their patients