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Dr. Thomas Nelson gets Fantastic Reviews from Local Dentist

Dr. John Gillard is a dentist here in Hutchinson, so his normal role is not being the patient, but John knew hip replacement surgery was something he was going to have to consider after steroid shots stopped handling his pain. John’s first goal was that he wanted an experienced physician and the second goal was, if possible, to have a minimally invasive procedure. In retrospect, he is very pleased to have found both with Dr. Thomas Nelson, Orthoapedic Surgeon at Hutchinson Health Orthoapedic and Rehab Clinic. Dr. Nelson joined Hutchinson Health in 2014 from Twin Cities Orthopedics. His specialty is shoulders, hips and knee surgery with minimally invasive procedures, which essentially means less of an incision. The smaller incisions mean the recovery process is quicker, hopefully less pain and hence a faster return to the activities that are important to each patient. For John Gillard, this is biking. He now, glowingly says Dr. Nelson not only had the skills but was very informative and calming throughout his two surgeries. John had his first hip done right after Dr. Nelson joined Hutchinson Health and his other hip this past summer. John is so happy to have had his hip surgeries at Hutchinson Health, not only for the convenience, but for the expertise provided by Dr. Nelson. Each surgery required a couple of days of hospitalization but the recovery period was incredibly fast and smooth.
Not all joints can be repaired with minimally invasive procedures. It depends on each patients’ needs or circumstances, but those who are able to consider it sure have a quicker recovery.
Both of these Doctors, the patient and the surgeon, are very pleased with the results.