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Here for you and ready to help.

If you need care, don’t delay. We’re open, safe and ready to care for you. During this time, it’s especially important to seek care for symptoms that concern you as well as manage chronic conditions.

Care is available in many ways, including video visits. You can talk with your doctor and receive the same personalized care, expert answers and a treatment plan tailored to you. We’re also offering in-person visits, phone visits and our 24/7 online clinic,

Schedule an appointment online or call your clinic.

We’re also offering convenient COVID-19 drive-up testing at several locations across our care system. Take our online screening to determine if you should be tested. For more information on COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 information page.


Admissions Procedures

When you seek medical care from Hutchinson Health, you trust us to do our best in caring for you.

Two people in office setting looking at paperworkIt’s important to us that you continually encounter comfort and reassurance during any length of stay. That’s why our admission procedure aims to provide you with information you need, as well as guide you through the information we’ll need from you. Clear communication both ways, means we can exceed your expectations with exceptional care during your stay.

Information Needed for Admission

To prepare for any length of stay at Hutchinson Health, bring the following information with you to your scheduled admissions appointment:

  • All Current Health Insurance Cards; if you have more than one insurance provider, bring information for each.
  • Any paperwork or preparatory information given to you by your physician or that arrived in the mail ahead of time.
  • Picture ID and Social Security Number.
  • A parent or legal guardian for patients under 18 years of age.
  • Paperwork for Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney and Living Will, as applicable.
  • Any questions you feel you need answered.

Items to Bring for Your Stay

You should bring anything you use for healthy living such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, or cane. You may be more comfortable having your own pajamas, bathrobe, toiletries, and slippers with you. Young children should bring their favorite blanket or toy for reassurance. However, you should leave valuables at home or with a trusted person for safe keeping. Unless specifically instructed by your physician to bring your current medications with you, leave them at home. You should bring with you a list of medications you are currently taking, the dosage, and what (if any) you’ve taken the day of admission.

Identification Bands

Part of your admissions procedure will include an identification band that you will be required to wear during your entire stay. ID bands help ensure personalized care, as well as proper and intended treatment, procedures, and medications. The bands will be removed only after discharge from Hutchinson Health.