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Billing & Insurance

Insurance coverage is complicated, and payment of your hospital bill need not be a source of worry for you during your recovery.

Our Patient Account staff will gladly answer your questions. Here are some of our Hospital billing forms and frequently asked questions and answers.

FAQ’s for Billing & Insurance

Can I pay my bill online?
Who Can I Contact For Billing Inquiries?
Do I need to tell my insurance company that I will be in the hospital? And what will they cover?
What is the difference between preventative & diagnostic care?
How do you bill for Urgent Care services?
Does Medicare cover preventative care?
Who do I contact regarding cost estimates for a procedure?
Should I bring my insurance card with me to the hospital?
Should I pay my co-payment when I register for my hospital/clinic visit?
Will you bill my insurance company for me?
How will I know if my insurance company has paid my bill?
How can I pay my patient balance?
What if I get more than one bill for my hospital visit?
Financial Assistance Information

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Call 320-234-5000, press 2, and follow the automated prompts to speak with a Patient Account representative. If you anticipate a problem paying your bill by the day it’s due, please let us know.  We will be glad to discuss payment options with you.