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Snow Ground Breaking

Snow ground breaking? You bet! Today we celebrated the start of our huge construction project. A month ago we planned for snow drifts. Sure enough, thanks to warm temps and lots of melting, we had to actually bring snow in. This will be a 14-month project that will build a wing of 18 brand new inpatient rooms.(Pictured below are left to right).

1st row

  • Large group of individuals doinng the snow ground breakingJim Lyons, Chief Clinic Operations Officer
  • Mary Hodson, Hutchinson Chamber
  • Dr. Brian Pollmann, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. David Maher, podiatrist, Hutchinson Health Chairman of the Board
  • Andrea Walsh, president & CEO HealthPartners
  • Dr. Steve Mulder, president & CEO Hutchinson Health
  • Susan Karnitz, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Jen Myster, president Methodist Hospital

2nd row

  • Glen Kegley, Chief Operations Officer
  • Duane Spiegle, VP of Real estate and Support Services HealthPartners
  • Kara Neubarth, Foundation president
  • Rachael Gemuenden, Foundation Director
  • Pam Larson, Chief Financial Officer