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The Healthiest City: Hutchinson?


Minneapolis recently topped the news as America’s healthiest, fittest city in America.  We believe Hutchinson is next! 

Although the American College of Sports Medicine was only looking at the 50 largest metropolitan areas in their recent rankings, we happen to believe that Hutchinson would be a great challenger based on per capita data.

Have you experienced our parks, bike trails and expanding farmers market?  If you live, work or play in Hutchinson, we would bet that you have!  We’ll be doing more research on this and providing you with information about Minnesota’s [healthiest] Hometown next month.  Tell us why you think Hutchinson could be the healthiest city?

So this weekend, experience something new (or an old favorite) in Hutchinson just for the health of it!

If you’re at the Hutchinson Farmers Market on the third Saturday of the month, come see us there for recipes and tastings.