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Urologist Dr. Nathan Hoffman

Is a urological problem making your life uncomfortable, difficult, or frustrating?
Many urological conditions can be painful, embarrassing, or even could be signs of something much more serious.
There are many reasons patients should see a Urologist. Below is a list of common reasons for seeking out this care.

*Blood in your urine
*Enlarged prostate urinating too often – day or night
*Kidney stones
*Cancer of the prostate, kidney or bladder
*Poor bladder control
*Painful urination
*Male sexual problems
*Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Hutchinson Health’s Urologist, Dr. Nathan Hoffman is available to take appointments in-person and through video visits. If you are interested in seeing him in any format, please call us at 320-484-4720 and we will match you with the best type of appointment for your needs. If distance is a concern, we will work with you to schedule an initial visit via telehealth before you have to drive to the clinic for services, should they be indicated.

Dr. Hoffman and his team look forward to serving you and partnering with you to improve your health.