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Why Vaccinate? It’s Important from Dr. Leah Willson

“In my 33 years of practice, including time in medical missions, I have seen cases of nearly all of the vaccine-preventable illnesses and their complications. These are serious and often life-threatening diseases. They still occur with high frequency in many countries that are only a plane trip away. I have a really hard time understanding why some parents are willing to put their children at risk by not vaccinating–but I guess vaccines have been so effective that many US parents have never watched a child suffering from one of these illnesses.

Any medicine, and any vaccine can cause side effects. Complications from vaccines are reported and carefully tracked. However, in my 33 years of pediatric practice, giving 100,000+ vaccine doses, I have not had a single serious, life-threatening, or disabling vaccine reaction occur. Most reactions are minor and self-limited, and the majority of children have no side effects whatsoever. There have been multiple well-done studies which show beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no connection between vaccines and autism, SIDS, or any chronic medical condition.”~ Dr. Leah Willson, pediatrician