Advancing Health With Our Community Is our Mission at Hutchinson Health

Our Vision insures we will:

  • Provide a caring, personal experience for each patient.
  • Deliver excellent care supported by evidence-based medical science.
  • Foster a workplace where all can thrive.
  • Lead in promoting health and wellness with our community.
  • Create innovative models of care.

Hutchinson Health is about more than just medical care; we’re about providing compassion coupled with medical expertise, innovative services, and advanced procedures that bring hope and better health to our patients.

Our physicians and staff are committed to building long-term patient relationships built on trust, advancing the health of our patients, and providing an outstanding experience for every patient, every time.

One of the largest independent health care providers in Minnesota, Hutchinson Health includes primary and specialty care clinics, emergency services, and specialty programs. Hutchinson Health includes a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit, featuring eICU technology, as well as a full-range of advanced diagnostic imaging services featuring multi-slice CT scanning, digital mammography, X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI. We have over 30 full time physicians and 35 specialty care providers and 650 staff ready to make a difference in your life. Through seamless relationships between Hutchinson Health physicians, medical specialists, nurses, and support staff, we provide excellent care and foster strong connections with our patients that carryout into the community.

After five decades of working collaboratively to offer exceptional medical care, the integration of Hutchinson Medical Center and Hutchinson Area Health Care in 2013 was a natural culmination of our shared history. Our multiple locations and services enhance patient convenience and options, and is an example of how truly committed we are to promoting health and wellness.